All things Avatar

A collection of all things Avatar that I’ve come across / found interesting. Feel free to throw anything else in the comments…

James Cameron’s Avatar Movie Performance Capture Featurette

A video showing how the “performance capture” was done for Avatar.

@massawyrm’s Avatar movie review

This review pretty much sums up my thoughts verbatim

Avatar: The Making of the Bootleg

Free Love Forum takes you behind the scenes of the revolutionary new bootleg of the revolutionary new movie. Hilarious stuff!

Please mount my hot blue alien

Analysing why James Cameron really made Avatar – alien porn!

“When we would draw Neytiri and she had fins on her back and gills and all kinds of weird protuberances and so on in odd places, the question was, well, would you want to do her? No? OK, let’s back off from that.” – James Cameron

The Data-Crunching Power Behind Avatar 

A look at some of the high-density server and networking gear inside the Weta Digital data center used to render the animation for Avatar.

A final copy of Avatar equated to 17.28 gigabytes per minute of storage.”


James Cameron’s Avatar screenplay

Fox recently released all 152 pages of James Cameron’s Avatar screenplay online as a PDF


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