So I had a Starcraft related dream last night…

I’m playing the game, it was a 2v2, and I could hear Chris’ voice saying “There’s nothing at the base! Nydus Worm!”

For the uninitiated [me being very newly educated on it], a Nydus Worm is this thing you can create at an opponent’s base that acts as an exit to a door, the entrance to which is at your base; you can pretty much throw a bunch of units and it’ll appear at their base and if they haven’t realised it’s there, they’ll be all “OMGWTFNOWAI”.

Anyway, I’d apparently built the structure at the opponent’s base, and I started moving all my army through the network from my end. I started moving them through, and then, suddenly, the game went from the top down view into first person perspective, and I became a part of the battle, and I was zooming through the Nydus Network along with the Zerg army.

I appear at the other base, AND EVERYTHING IS FUCKING GIGANTIC. Now, this was related to a discussion I was having with mates earlier this week about Terran marines actually being 9 ft, and zerglings being kinda gigantic too. I’m not quite sure where my imagination went after that, because there were GIANT COCKROACHES AND ZERGLINGS AND DISGUSTING SQUISHY THINGS EVERYWHERE, and I was standing on them.

Nothing would attack, and Chris was screaming “SELECT THEM! YOU HAVE TO SELECT THEM!”, so then I had to, umm, DOUBLE TAP one of the giant, squishy, disgusting cockroaches to select the whole lot of ’em, and yes, I was freaking out and disgusted.

I believe that is all, or maybe I’ve forgotten the rest. Needless to say, I’ve been a little obsessed with Starcraft II lately, and this is, the gigantic cherry cake on top of the already enormous cheesecake.


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