Data is the pollution problem of the information society

Data is the pollution problem of the information society… all processes produce it, it stays around, it has to be dealt with, and its secondary uses are what concern us.. so, just as, we collectively look back at the beginning of the previous century, and sort of marvel at how the titans of industry in their rush to build the industrial age would ignore pollution, I think we here will be judged by our grandchildren and great grandchildren by how well we dealt with data, with individuals and their relationship to their data in the information society

I stumbled across this fascinating 8 min clip of Bruce Schneier speaking at EWI Cybersecurity Summit 2010, and decided it needs to be shared, on a “sticky” platform, like this blog.

Bruce speaks primarily about data and socialising in this increasingly data-producing Information Age we are in, and with the recent #locationgate uproar over data, privacy, etc, I found it most relevant.


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