Goodbye Posterous, Hello WordPress

Moving blogs is more painful than moving homes. Note, I did very little in the one home move I was involved in.

I really did love the simplicity of the Posterous default theme. Sadly, the writing was on the wall when Twitter acquired them. Twitter as a service is my favourite social network ever, but they’re quite the scumbags to third party developers, and I might as well blame them for the pain endured in migrating my blog over.

I tried JustMigrate and it completely fell apart. Images in posts transformed themselves into individual posts on Tumblr, everything was made public by default, random images started getting reblogged; I felt totally out of control, ultimately deleting every single post. A terrible experience.

I didn’t try Squarespace. I’m still thinking I should have. I had some irrational argument with myself around how “expensive” it is, while spending silly amounts of money on other things.  Squarespace would have given me the most control, and a better selection of themes to start with.

Then I ended up at WordPress.com. It’s free! I used the migration tool. The migration went… fairly well. The formatting on list items and paragraphs for some posts took a lot of manual tweaking to get right. I’ve also got a 150 or so posts. All I concentrated on were some of the latest ones and others that traditionally got some traffic.

I wanted a really simple one column, responsive theme. Turns out there aren’t many free themes like that apart from the Ryu one I’m using.

The control and customisability of a WordPress.com theme is close to none. I coughed up $30 to be able to change some fonts and CSS [I can’t change any of the HTML layout of course]. Another $18 to allow a custom domain. I mean, really? See what I mean about I should have gone with Squarespace?

Anyway, I’m here now, still undecided if I’m liking this new theme. At least WordPress won’t being going under anytime soon I hope.

Funnily enough, while Googling in frustration about migration issues, I got back a result from something I’d written almost two years ago.


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