2020: My year in film

A (paltry, compared to previous years) list of 2020 releases seen this year in NYC, on VOD after March. RIP my 222 weeks in a row at movie theatres.

Initial tweet-reactions to the higher rated films included. In alphabetical order, by star rating…


The Assistant
The loneliness and weariness across Julia Garner’s face is something to behold. And the sad realisation that those small, scattered compliments will keep her enduring this for a lot longer.

Silence speaks volumes, and by golly, Alfre Woodard and Aldis Hodge’s looks crush you over and over. Direction and script are spot on. Why this isn’t all over awards season is beyond me.

Dick Johnson is Dead
The loss of memory. The loss of life. Confronted openly, with love. A breathtaking final scene. I am jealous of Kirsten Johnson’s ability to make this on many levels.

The costumes, the hats, the dancing! Splendid attention to detail, a lot of fun, and true moments of feeling that get you.

First Cow
The kind of male friendship and characters you never see on screen. Blissfully patient by Kelly Reichardt.

Let Them All Talk
Oh, the conversations! Utterly delightful. Candice Bergen, Meryl Streep, and Lucas Hedges are fun, fun, fun. The moving set being a giant working cruise ship is so Soderbergh.

Lovers Rock
Captures such a colourful, music-filled vibe of a night. The dancing, singing, MCs (!) and soundtrack are the stars, a bit of plotting is sprinkled throughout. A welcome departure from what I’ve associated McQueen with, almost experimental.

Never Rarely Sometimes Always
Vulnerable, reserved, and unbelievably caring and gentle. That goes for both the actors and film itself. The camerawork felt so apt too.

HOW DO THEY MAKE YOU FEEL SO MUCH? Another masterwork from Pixar building on the risks from Inside Out. An art style all of its own, new voices at the helm, and a warm, bustling NYC didn’t hurt either.

There’s a 3 second shot of a fork going into pecan pie that did extraordinary amounts. Damn do they know how to montage.

Sound of Metal
The year of Rizwan Ahmed continues as he throws himself into the deep end and thrives. Loved the insight into deaf culture beyond deafness as a disability, and moving forward, albeit not in Hollywood fashion.

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