iCloud + iTunes Match. A viable streaming music option at $25/year?


Today I realised I’ve completely misunderstood what iCloud and iTunes Match do. It got announced at WWDC, and I, for whatever reason, assumed it was simply Cloud storage. In having a conversation with Mr. Colman on Google+ several hours ago, and the latest news that streaming has been added, the nature of what Apple pulled off dawned on me, and it’s rather impressive.

I haven’t downloaded music onto my PC in over a year, because I’m a happy Grooveshark subscriber, but, I know many people still do, and most likely, it’s pirated music.

The basic deal with iCloud + iTunes Match:

  • $25 / year for up to 25,000 songs
  • Stream and download your songs
  • Access your songs on up to 10 compatible (iTunes or iOS requried) devices
  • 256 Kbps versions of all matched songs, regardless of their original quality

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