Lost and Sound

‘Lost and Sound’. An incredibly touching insight into the adaptive power of the brain and impact technological advances can have in the lives of three individuals.

Don’t get me wrong, but deafness has always fascinated me. I’ll have these internal arguments every now and then on whether I’d give up sight or sound, if I had to give up one; I usually settle on sound. My crude view equated deafness to hearing nothing. I don’t know if it’s simply the three particular individuals in this film, or the advent of the Cochlear implant, but it is indeed not as clear cut as everything or nothing. There’s a phrase in the film about a mother realising the difference between simply “hearing” and “listening”, and this crystallised things.

Then there’s the brain. As described in the film, the ears simply provide a portal for the electrical impulses in your brain to interpret the rhythm, timbre, beat, etc of music, and turn it into that something that is deeply profound to all of us. The incredible, taken-for-granted effect music has in the life of every human being is exemplified further with the very music-oriented stars of the film.

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