A Single Man [the movie, not me]

Movie course day 3, and we are back on the road to awesome, with A Single Man.

Every single frame of this movie was so meticulously and beautifully shot, and knowing this was Tom Ford’s directorial debut made it all the more impressive; I guess that’s what happens when a fashion designer directs. Some people thought it was overkill [too many close ups, too much color saturation], but I loved every second of it!

Add to this the large dose of dark humor and a wonderfully depressing cast and story, and you have yourself a great movie.

Oh, I should probably mention what the movie is actually about, but I might as well let Tom Ford do that.

“It is a deeply spiritual story, of one day in the life of a man who cannot see his future. It is a universal tale of coming to terms with the isolation that we all feel, and of the importance of living in the present and understanding that the small things in life are really the big things in life.”


The Wolfman

Movie course day two, and I sure as hell didn’t think we’d see The Wolfman. I can see Andrew Urban’s reasoning in giving us a completely different experience to Precious, but this was disappointing.

Biggest gripe, didn’t think there was a solid enough reason that Del Toro’s character became afflicted with the curse in the first place. I feel this has to happen for these types of movies to work, and the redemption angle wasn’t the greatest either.

The gore… Totally unnecessary
and laughable for the most part. I am shit scared in even the weakest horror movies and I found myself laughing in this. And the horror genre “expert” who tried to justify werewolves decapitating people must’ve been smoking something.

If this is supposed to be in the upper echelon of werewolf movies, bring on better made vampire movies please. Mythology wise, they kick so much more ass.


Almost forgot, every time the CG transformation happened, all I remembered was The Hulk; looked exactly the same.