Going to Movies with a Critic: A must-see for any movie buff!


This just made my Saturday! A wonderful 25 minute video taking us behind the scenes and thoughts of Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel in a classic episode of At the Movies titled Going to Movies with a Critic.

Both Ebert and Siskel talk about their thoughts before going into a movie, their expectations, their pre-movie rituals, where they sit in the theatre, what they’re thinking during a movie itself, and how they analyse and review it afterwards. 

David and Margaret? Puh-lease.

If you’re a movie buff, or even mildly curious, you *have* to watch it!

Going to Movies with a Critic


I’m Still Here


Or the above image, if you’re looking for another way to sum up I’m Still Here. It was two years of magnificent trolling in the public eye. I tip my hat to you, Casey Affleck, and especially, Joaquin “J P” Phoenix! The performance of a career, indeed.

Then again, I can’t imagine how I would have reacted if I hadn’t walked into this movie knowing it was a mockumentary. I’d like to think I would have easily been able to pick it as an obvious joke, with SO much absurdity coursing through the film, but so many didn’t, and I have a feeling that there would have been some level of doubt in my mind.

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