This should have probably been the first post

So, the plan is to start blogging again, but I just needed to start somewhere new, and Posterous is clean and simple, but still gives me a decent amount of control to tweak the css if need be.

I had around 10 posts sitting as drafts in my old blog last year, and for whatever reason, they never felt finished. Then Twitter came along, and I was so darn thankful for that 140 character limit, because it gave me the freedom to write a line or two and feel that sense of completeness that took hours to achieve in a blog post.

But even though I’m constantly spamming Twitter these days, there are times when one or two tweets don’t get a point across, and other times where it feels like a topic deserves the blog medium vs. the Twitter one, in which case I’ll revert to this shiny, new toy.

Having said that, it could just start gathering dust, but hey, I tried.


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