New man-director crush: Darren Aronofsky

I had a Darren Aronofsky marathon today, which resulted in a few things.

Requiem for a Dream is now my favourite movie. Ever. Perfect in every single way, and shot like I’ve never seen anything shot before.

Then I watched Pi, and I’ve now had the scene below on repeat for a while. In three minutes, it tackles some *big* issues in such an elegant, simple manner, and explains obsession so well.

I ended the marathon with The Fountain, and relatively speaking, it was a disappointment. I think I got used to his style, and liked it so much that I just wanted more of the same, but his leap into into time jumping, sci-fi romance was very different – not that I didn’t still enjoy the heck out of it.

Also, screw you and your copyright blergh YouTube, not allowing me to embed the video above. I had to instead d/l it as an mp4, and then email it to Posterous, which in a matter of minutes transcoded it into Flash and threw it in its player; Posterous++


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