TITANICTAR 3D: For your consideration

Awards season is coming up in the movieverse, and next year, I predict there will only be one movie on everyone’s lips – TITANICTAR

A genius feasts on his Beef Rendang and suddenly, achieves a temporary state of enlightenment, and inspires greatness in The Wave.

“So I remembered in a Wave ages ago, we talked about the highest grossing movies of all time. Avatar was Number 2, and Titantic was number 1…  so then it came to me – how awesome would it be if you combined both movies into a new blockbuster!!!!”

“You’re able to project yourself as one of the passengers on a big boat about to sink?”
“No no, it’s a love story you see. The main actor projects himself as the SHIP, and the main female actress projects herself as the ICEBERG!!!

And in the final tragic ending, they go down together, the ship sinks and the iceberg melts. Weird alien birds fly into the alien sun and the audience cries!”

“Dicaprio holding alien woman at the front of a spaceship woot”

*fade to black* … TITANICTAR

Additional sub-plot

“We have 4 projected things. One person will project themselves as the Ship, another as the Iceberg, the third as the World’s Most Comfortable Chair and we have a 4th left in case anyone else had some ideas. My suggestion would be that the 4th person projects themselves as James Cameron”

“Maybe the World’s Most Comfortable Chair is the director’s chair, but it is also the chair you sit in to project yourself. So then someone kills James Cameron, has this OTHER chair (World’s Secondmost Comfortable Chair) so that they can project themselves as James Cameron, and THEN sits in the World’s Most Comfortable Chair to commence said projection, only to realise that they are projected as a chair”


3 thoughts on “TITANICTAR 3D: For your consideration

  1. meh says:

    disappointing entry, was expecting some creative writing and all i got was a summary of a guess-you-had-to-be-there group conversation that may as well have been carried out on msn.

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