Single Blip Wavelets

If that title made no sense to you, cast your eyes over the picture below and prepare to be enlightened.


[via Mashable]

All sorted? Excellent. The past couple of days, I’ve been trying out Single Blip Wavelets and have grown to love them; but that was with one other Waver [add that to the terminology list, Mashable]. The big test came today, when we tried it out in the main Wavelet [10+ Wavers], and it went from excitement to disappointment and eventually to hilarity. I think that was the consensus anyway.

Anyway, here’s a list of thoughts & grievances…

  • Leave the Blip in perennial edit mode if possible – i.e. don’t click ‘Done’ / Shift + Enter
  • Always leave a few lines at the bottom of the Blip, so that others can type simultaneously and the issue of unintentionally adding line breaks, mid-someone-else’s-sentence is avoided – assign a buffer b!tch if need be
  • We quickly adapted to using identifiers – first initials, then colours. Now, this would be fine if I wasn’t colour blind, and doubly fine IF YOU COULD SET DEFAULT FONT PREFERENCES FOR YOURSELF … apparently you can’t do that within a Blip yet, and weird inheritance of colours would occur, based on where you were within the Blip, so people had to constantly type something out and then highlight + change font colour. I know it’s a preview and all, but that really does seem like something logical that is associated with every single chat client from the last 10 years
  • People typing in invisotext is bad, m’kay? >.<
  • Ninja editing can cause hell, since it’s a gazillion times harder to identify
  • Lag becomes a non-issue

I swear that list was longer in my mind… Anyway, I still do feel that if a real-time conversation is taking place [everyone is constantly watching / participating in the Wavelet], having it all contained within one Blip really is the way to go; it saves you from lag and clicking like a mad man. Where it falls apart is if people are away from the conversation for an hour or so, and then come back to see paragraphs of text that start to border on incomprehensible, which was interesting considering that we all know each others’ writing nuances fairly well.

I’m sticking with it though, dammit, especially in two-person Wavelets, because it really does kick all kinds of ass over IM programs.


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