LOST – Lighthouse [spoilers, duh]

Dear god, questions, questions and more questions.


  • What’s up with the scars/bruises you can’t quite remember, Doc?
  • Was Jacob pouring his own ashes into the pool? Pre-emptive measure against Smokey going for a swim [I assume that’s who’ll be visiting The Temple]?
  • “Clairousseau” sounds about right
  • Adam and Eve still there at least, and Hurley echoing what many people have already theorised
  • Best. Lighthouse. Ever.
  • That’s one impressive mirror right there! Jacob’s “Looking-Glass“? Nice cross-promotion with Alice in Wonderland coming out next week
  • The Numbers! Again! Looks like only 360 numbers can fit on that thing, with quite a few names being crossed out already
  • I swear Kate is Number 51
  • Who’s Number 108?!
  • Who’s David’s mother? Is she Number 108?
  • Seemingly more affirmation that on-island Christian Shephard != Smokey

2 thoughts on “LOST – Lighthouse [spoilers, duh]

  1. Marc Rawlings says:

    Yip looks like Kate is 51 i have read it on other site too. Though I didn’t see it, the Web consensus seems to be that the name attached to number 108 was ”Wallace.” I can’t think of anyone with the name of Wallace??Davids mother is a good question – I think it must be Juliet and maybe she is not at home because she is away with her new boyfriend Sawyer??Still need a lot of answers about Claire and what has she really been up to like -:* I want to know when she met Fake Locke, how they became friend* I want to know the story behind her Temple torture* I want to know what happened between her and her fatherI also would like to know WHO’S COMING TO THE ISLAND, could it be Desmond or Widmore

  2. c0uP says:

    Hmm, interesting. Darkufo discussion on a David Wallace [world renowned expert on multi-worlds or universes and a ground breaking quantum scientists whose work relates to TIME TRAVEL and PARALLEL UNIVERSES] http://www.spoilertv.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=16677&start=0Juliet as David’s mother! Plausible.She must have met him that same night that she went for a little walk with Christian Shephard. Yeh, interested to know how she escaped The Temple.Number 108 must be the same person that’s coming to The Island? SURELY NOT Widmore? That would be a cop out.

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