TechCrunch and Foursquare co-founder fail

Ah, TechCrunch. Always getting abuse from @leolaporte, but I still love it. Today, however, you have failed.

MG Siegler’s post, titled Foursquare’s New Site Design Starts To Roll Live As Gossip Girl Pays Homage, had this doozy of a quote!

Something else interesting from tonight: apparently the concept of “checking-in” made its onscreen debut on the popular TV show Gossip Girl. Co-founder Dennis Crowley noted the move and tweeted out a picture of it captured from the show. While there is no specific mention of Foursquare, it’s pretty obvious what they’re paying homage to.

*cough* It may come as a surprise to MG and co-founder of Foursquare, Dennis Crowley, but actually, the concept of “checking-in” was not started by Foursquare. The reference was actually an sms by a private investigator to a character letting them know that someone had checked in to a hotel -_-


How do I know this? Yes, fine, I watch the show >.<


Ugh, uber lame, MG updated his post with a couple of edits that cover his ass and make Crowley look like the one who’s making all the assumptions. He didn’t mention that he made said edits, of course. Meh.


3 thoughts on “TechCrunch and Foursquare co-founder fail

  1. Hey, someone just fwd’ed me the screenshot and said "it looks like a foursquare checkin" so I posted it to Twitter. I hope we can still be friends, – @dens

  2. c0uP says:

    I didn’t know we were friends in the first place?! o_OI’m more annoyed at the fact that MG based part of his post around this."Hard to know for sure." Not really, He could have just asked someone who watches the show or watch it himself. Lazy much?

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