TechCrunch and Foursquare co-founder fail

Ah, TechCrunch. Always getting abuse from @leolaporte, but I still love it. Today, however, you have failed.

MG Siegler’s post, titled Foursquare’s New Site Design Starts To Roll Live As Gossip Girl Pays Homage, had this doozy of a quote!

Something else interesting from tonight: apparently the concept of “checking-in” made its onscreen debut on the popular TV show Gossip Girl. Co-founder Dennis Crowley noted the move and tweeted out a picture of it captured from the show. While there is no specific mention of Foursquare, it’s pretty obvious what they’re paying homage to.

*cough* It may come as a surprise to MG and co-founder of Foursquare, Dennis Crowley, but actually, the concept of “checking-in” was not started by Foursquare. The reference was actually an sms by a private investigator to a character letting them know that someone had checked in to a hotel -_-


How do I know this? Yes, fine, I watch the show >.<


Ugh, uber lame, MG updated his post with a couple of edits that cover his ass and make Crowley look like the one who’s making all the assumptions. He didn’t mention that he made said edits, of course. Meh.