Grooveshark mobile: Some songs not playable

A quick update on the Grooveshark mobile app for Android.

One issue that I’m [and others are] having is that some of the newer songs on my playlist are not playable on mobile, and this is apparently due to the size of files uploaded.


Song rows with the red stripes and red font signify songs that are not currently playable on the mobile platforms. These songs are unplayable on mobile because in order to have a practical, efficient streaming player song files need to be under a certain size. So we must use a method called transcoding to make the files much smaller. The red songs either haven’t been transcoded or had problems in the transcoding process. We are optimistic that soon 100% (or close to 100%) of our songs will be playable in the near future. As these songs are transcoded, the mobile apps will reflect so, even without actual updates to the apps themselves. I or a staff member on the forums will try to post any updates to this issue as they come in.

Collin Vance

Android Developer

via the Grooveshark forums

Not sure if it’s specific to the Android, or all mobile platforms, but either way, kinda annoying. Good to know that they’re confident it’ll be close to 100% sorted soon, but I’m not sure if this means that every time new music is added, the transcoding process will take as long, or whether this change they make will sort out any future issues too.


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