The Johnny Cash Project

The Johnny Cash Project is a global collective art project, and we would love for you to participate. Through this website, we invite you to share your vision of Johnny Cash, as he lives on in your mind’s eye. Working with a single image as a template, and using a custom drawing tool, you’ll create a unique and personal portrait of Johnny. Your work will then be combined with art from participants around the world, and integrated into a collective whole: a music video for “Ain’t No Grave”, rising from a sea of one-of-a-kind portraits.

Strung together and played in sequence over the song, the portraits will create a moving, ever evolving homage to this beloved musical icon.  What’s more, as new people discover and contribute to the project, this living portrait will continue to transform and grow, so it’s virtually never the same video twice.


I am absolutely in love with this site! I was itching to play with it ever since @ilikechips mentioned it at work today, and it hasn’t disappointed. The concept is fascinating, and more importantly, it is so well executed that even a complete hack like me can make something that looks kinda cool [in my humble, design lacking opinion]. My two attempts are below, but I highly recommend you go check out the video or have a play with the site.


And if you want to know how this crazy thing was made, well, the funky drawing tool anyway, take a look at Mr.doob’s blog.

R.I.P. Mr Cash.


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