The long commute to New York

25+ hours of travelling and no luggage later, oh hai, New York!

LAX sucks! I’m assuming that’s where the luggage went missing, amidst the rest of the chaos we encountered there. The arrival was delayed by a bit, and by the time we got through the TSA checkpoint that extended outside the doors of the airport, we barely made boarding time, to then find out that the flight had been delayed by an hour.

Speaking of the TSA security check, I got through unscaved [not quite sure how [damn my racial prejudices failing me]], but just as I was putting my shoes back on and some other dude went through the scanner gate thingi, the guards just started shouting “EVERYBODY STAND STILL! NOBODY MOVE!”. Three minutes later with no one knowing what the hell was going on, through the scrambled walkie talkie comes “Bravo, you’re all clear”, and then everyone just started cheering and moved on o_O

Then we get to New York after being put on some other flight that stood still on the runway for an hour, and then waited another hour to find our luggage is MIA -_- Oh, and no one got headsets on the American Airlines flight from LAX to JFK either! Do you have to pay for ’em or something? Then again, watching Old Dogs on a communal screen minus the sound probably made for a more enjoyable experience anyway.

In comparison, god bless Qantas [unless they were the ones that misplaced said luggage] and the A380! I got through a Lady Gaga concert and four movies; The Ghost Writer, Five Minutes of Heaven, The Silence of the Lambs and The Godfather: Part I. Yes, I know, I really should have seen the last two, but, the former, I was always too scared to watch during high school, and the latter, I have no idea why… suffice it to say, they were both pretty frakn fantastic, and I’m looking forward to watching Part II on the way back. The first two weren’t too shabby either.

One thing that did annoy me about the inflight entertainment system was, anytime there was an announcement from the cabin crew or pilots, it wouldn’t pause what was currently playing >.< You just get this overlay you can’t do anything about and you’re forced to jump back using the terribly laggy rewind function. It makes no sense, is plain silly, and should be corrected.

And the thing I am most saddened about at the moment is the lack of free WiFi; I haven’t been able to check in anywhere on Foursquare! *cry* I need a SIM and data plan, STAT!

Signing out at 4am with a very messed up sleep clock and looking forward to some exploring tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “The long commute to New York

  1. Good Lord. You noob.Lesson number #1: American Airlines don’t do free headsets. In fact they don’t do free anything. Did you feel so hungry that you wanted to eat your own head? Pro tip #1: Bring your own headset and a snack, and considering how rubbish their in-aisle-in-flight entertainment is, I’d recommend some kind of entertainment device. (iPad anyone?)Lesson #2: At LAX even if your baggage is checked through YOU NEED TO COLLECT IT AND TAKE IT THROUGH SECURITY AND CUSTOMS. Then deliver it to the next checkpoint where it gets routed to your flight. This is because you are entering the US for the first time, and your friends at customs want to make sure you aren’t carrying anything naughty. mmmkay?Pro tip #2: Don’t believe anything the check-in agent tells you when you are making a connection. Even if they say your bags are "checked through".Lesson #3: It seems that mobile-travel-app developers either don’t travel, or don’t use their own apps when they travel, because none of them have realised yet that travelers don’t have a 24/7 connection to the internet. (Even though we met one of the Gowalla founders at SXSW and explained how useful it would be for them to "tag the world" if they would only include an offline check-in feature that could upload data when you next connect to the internet). Combine all these internet-hungry aps with super-expensive 3G roaming costs and a lack of free WiFi and you are left with only one solution: Get a month-to-month Boingo account.Pro tip #3: No one in the US is going to sell you a SIM and a data plan without a whole lot of headaches. What you can do though is get a Boingo account, it’s not the perfect solution, but it’s as close as you’re going to get. The Boingo account won’t give you 3G, but it will give you access to almost every WiFi hotspot in the US (and a whole host of them across the rest of the Americas… but we’ll leave those pro tips for another trip). Happy travels!

  2. c0uP says:

    Holy moly, epic comment, Booya O_OFigured as much re: American Airlines; useless, the lot of ’em. They are in fact the stooges that didn’t move our luggage, and it’s on its way, apparently -_- Serves me right for believing those check-in f4gs >.< More in the next post…Zomg, an offline check-in with the ability to upload later would be MUCHOS useful. I didn’t see this until I got back home, but I ended up getting a T-Mobile "plan"; it was ~$60 and you just pay month by month, but the data takes a while to get activated… As in, going on 4 hours now >.< I shall look in to this Boingo business.

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