New York: Day One

I know I’m setting a terrible precedent with “Day One”, because more than likely, “Day Two” might not be tomorrow, or if it is, “Day Three” won’t be the day after, but anyway, enough of my sequential insecurities, just go with it.

Day One, and I went into Manhattan with the parents [I thought I’d go with them ONE day at least], and about 15 minutes in, told them that as much as I enjoy their version of being tourists [carrying around a giant map and strictly and speedily visiting tourist attractions that they’ve marked while taking a token photo [it was almost like the Amazing Race]], I’ll meet them back home in the night. I then proceeded to wander the streets of Manhattan in no particular order, with no map and no plan, and I kinda really enjoyed it!

I’m not quite sure where my wandering took me exactly, but I remember walking past Wall Street, then it was a blur until I got to Seaport, which seemed like a little hub for the World Cup, with quite a few peeps knockin’ about Puma City. They had Human Fusbal [Google keeps telling me that it’s Foosball, but it lies I tell you] there!

It’s like, a netted, outdoor, smallish indoor soccer field, and the horizontal bars are there like there are in a normal Fusbal table, spread out evenly across the field [2-3-3] and everyone is tied quite tightly to the horizontal bars, and yeh, fun ensues! It was perfect because it was ridiculously hot, and the coolish breeze near Seaport coupled with some kind of 2000 calorie milkshake [it really did feel like that] and cheering onlookers made for a fun experience.

More wandering, and I eventually jumped back on the ferry to Staten Island [an awesome way to travel in this heat] and then the train home.

Oh, I also ended up getting a T-Mobile “plan” that gives me data access [although it’s still not activated…] and a crapload of calls for $60 that I can cancel at any time. @laurenbugeja mentioned Boingo in her post, in her comment in response to my post yesterday, but I’ll stick with this for now, and hope the data kicks in.

Did I mention how overly nice the people are here?! Doubly surprising considering my sole taste of New York before this was @zander1979.

And to directly contradict that statement, hi American Airlines; you suck. So, the luggage has been found apparently, and they left a message early this morning saying that it’ll be picked up around 6am by some delivery company and sent to us by noon. We got up late anyway, waited around, no one arrived by 1pm, gave them another call and they said the luggage was picked up at 9am, and that it’ll be there shortly. We decided not to wait since there were others at home anyway, and I arrive home at night to see that it STILL hasn’t arrived. Call ’em, and they tell us that no more deliveries are being made today, and that we can expect it tomorrow… assholes.


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