LOST season 6 epilogue – New Man in Charge

The 12 minute epilogue to season 6, outlining Hurley’s and Ben’s time on The Island. @marawlings’ link broke halfway through, so I found this version, complete with Italian subtitles, downloaded it and re-uploaded it in the hope that it doesn’t get taken down as quickly as it would on Youtube *fingers crossed*

Watch for:

  • Ben and Hurley
  • Food drops
  • Hurley Bird
  • Polar bears
  • Room 23
  • Waaaaaaaalt

I expected more, but, at least we saw ol’ Bug Eyes one more time. Long live LOST.


186 thoughts on “LOST season 6 epilogue – New Man in Charge

  1. jakenate says:

    I had no problem with the unanswered questions; my problem was with the whole Purgatory/Flash Sideways/Afterlife (but not FINAL afterlife) crapola. Are we to believe that after we die, we continue to kill others, or be in danger of being killed? These things were happening during the entire flash-sideways stretch, with Jin and Sun and Sayid, etc. How is that supposed to be part of an afterlife?? I could deal with an afterlife concept, but not the way it was presented all season long in the flash sideways sequences.

  2. DoctorElectron says:

    I tended to be the one explaining what was happening in the show to those I watched it with…especially during the multiple timelines and time traveling during season 5. Now I just finished season 6 about 15 minutes ago…and I’ve got a single question relating to timelines…Were the final events on the island happening before or concurrently with the timeline on the mainland? or was there no dimension of time on the mainland…as the mainland they were experiencing was post-purgatory?

  3. c0uP says:

    @trev: The title could apply to both Hugo and Walt@jakenate: I guess you could call it an "afterlife", but it was more a shared state for them to find each other, and a part of that reality was revisiting choices and trying to move on with what they’d learned on The Island, some of which involved death and its friends. I think some of those events you describe also triggered their recollection of the Island life. /shrug that’s all I got!@DoctorElectron: Even though they were shown concurrently, I think it’s safe to say everything that happened in the Flash Sideways happened after they died on The Island, hence, after. But you’re right, the Sideways had no linear time I don’t think. Then again, Island time was a little whack too.

  4. c0uP says:

    Well, Walt was a clusterfuck pretty much because Malcolm David Kelley grew a foot towards the end of season 1 and they had to write him out of the show

  5. I absolutely loved this. It left a LOT of questions unanswered, but I think explaining every detail of the show would only spoil the nature of it. Real life doesn’t come with an operations manual that explains every question that comes up, so why did some people expect such a complex show to be tied up in a neat, little package at the end? I enjoyed watching "friendly Ben" and Hurley as a leader, even if it was only for a while. The tie-up of Walt’s storyline was well worth the time investment of watching it and has actually slightly changed my opinion of Walt and Michael’s story.

  6. cobra9832v says:

    Well anyway you look at it walt was a nobody to the show show ending was garbage i did watch every show many times so fucking lame in the end

  7. c0uP says:

    @noseless_wonder: Glad you enjoyed ^_^ I guess the simpletons are looking for mindless escapism and don’t want the complications of real life to be mirrored in television ~_~@cobra982v: herp derp

  8. bosley says:

    didn’t they say the show was not about aliens or purgatory just a cop out all it was could have run the show for a couple more sesons easy

  9. Snap says:

    I liked the epilogue.I think most of Season 6 was unnecessary, the flash sideways was pointless and a waste of time (why should we be more invested in the afterlife of characters?), the spiritual allegories were heavy handed, the dramatic and sudden introduction of a central, deity type “villain” was just an easy cop-out to keep Terry O’Quinn on the show, any of the “answers” that the writers deemed fit to include were often just tacked on and contrived (i.e. “the dead people are the whispers”).Season 6 of Lost does not fit very well with the canon of the series. Lost had a chance to create a truly timeless piece of science fiction. After viewing Season 6 several times, I still think that it would have been much more satisfying for the series to end with Season 5 rather than completely tarnish the legacy of the entire series with Season 6.Because I was so disappointed with the final season (and maybe even just the last half of the final season), the epilogue was a welcome breath of fresh lost air. It “felt” more like the lost that I knew and loved in Seasons 1-5.You do not have to answer all questions to create a relevant and satisfying piece of work (i.e. anybody see Inception?), just choose artistic and thought provoking ways to keep the viewer engaged and thinking (of which I think the epilogue did, but the finale did not).

  10. c0uP says:

    I guess you’re with quite a few people in thinking that they could have done season 6 without the Flash Sideways at all.I personally loved it [http://c0up.posterous.com/lost-the-end-spoilers-duh], because as much as The Island and its mysteries were special, they were a backdrop to a story about people, and The Sideways provided an emotional resolution that we probably could not have seen on The Island itself.

  11. Snap says:

    One central problem—which we had hints of early on, back when the show was still pulling off one masterful structural coup after another—was that the series had become obsessed, in both overt and unconscious ways, with manipulating its own relationship with its fans, alternately evading and reflecting their critiques, and then finally satisfying them in the most condescending possible way, with sentimental sleight-of-hand.

  12. Snap says:

    My entire post didn’t come though, weird…Anyway, my previous post was from Emily Nussbaum’s review. http://nymag.com/arts/tv/reviews/66293/One that I agree with (she more eloquently voices problems with season 6).The flash sideways and the finale was blatant, sentimental pandering right out of a 70’s sit-com. For such a ground-breaking and post-modern show to revert to "oh no, it’s actually just about the characters, aren’t they sooo great guys! *tear*" was a slap in the face to people who appreciated the show for more than just its melodrama.

  13. Emir says:

    Hello,I just watched final episode of LOST and I am very disappointed. I wanted to know what other people are thinking about and I am agree with people who wrote that LOST gone wrong direction and with unexplained and shallow story.The End ended like some purgatory, heaven for casualties of the Island.There is no explanation why dead souls can see flashes when they are dead, I believe they cannot have memories as some amnesia patients, they had some paralel life in purgatory they were driving,flying gone to concerts, driving Hummer,corrupting a cops that redicolous even for this TV- serial.What happened to others in plane which is gone at the end ,Kate,Sawyer, Miles ,Richard ,Lapidus???Belive me I got grey hair as Richard because of tv-show:-))Dont be naive and stupid, screenwriter are making money, but We are spending time on this!!!I am very dissapointed and they could make it better on the end like some Island BOOM, big flash and they are again in airplane 815 without their memories are deleted they talk to each other in plane, exchanging experience or something and make later individual investigation in Pacific or something.On the beginning of first episode of sixth season We can see Island is at bottom of Sea!! What now!! By the way serial is full of violent talks, very often they are talking"I kill you,gonna kill;kill him;kill her!!" Its too much they are like some ambassadors of violent behaviour!!!Why should Walt take leadership and to protect the Island because Island killed his father and made him to kill other people. Walt must be stupid person and naive to do this.We spent all a lot a time in front of TV for what ???I am tired, are You?

  14. Lostie 4815162342 says:

    I heard about this for the first time when I got the complete collection of LOST in late Dec. The reason I waited was because all I had seen before was season 6. I watched this as soon as I finished seasons 1-5. Unlike many lost viewers (no offense)… I actually was able to comprehend just about everything that happened in the show, so naturally I thought that this little epilogue would answer the still lingering questions left by the finale. Sadly, it didn’t! Oh well. The video was still entertaining… even if it did cause more questions! LONG LIVE LOST!!!

  15. c0uP says:

    @Snap: Thanks for the NY Mag link. Scathing, but hard to argue with. I’d never say I only appreciated the show for its melodrama, and season 6 still had mythology overload on occasions, but I can see where you and that review are coming from.I don’t know if you ever listened to the podcasts Lindelof & Cuse did; I’ve listened to them all, and in the last season especially, they set my expectations on what the finale would be like. That possibly shaped how I feel about it too.@Emir: I got tired reading that :O @Lostie 4815162342: Glad you enjoyed it regardless!

  16. I-Strong says:

    Emir: Yes. Yes I am. Very, very tired.Others here have already stated in perfectly articulate terms exactly why Lost will go down as one of the most frustrating TV shows of all time. Lost had a great first Season, dipped a little in Seasons 2 and 3, but then became awesome again for Serason 4 and 5, only to commit an act of perverse vandalism on itself in Season 6, to the point where, although I have the whole series at home, I am not sure if I can ever bring myself to watch it again. What would be the point? Maybe I’ll re-watch it up to the end of Season 5, and treat that as the end of the whole show. I’d maybe watch Jacob and Richard’s backstory episodes from Season 6, but I wouldn’t really be interested in the rest.

  17. The Swan says:

    All these people who hated The End, what was it you liked about the show in the first place? I thought the finale went exactly the place I felt the show was moving all along, and although still surprising, was exactly the sort of thing I hoped for. The redemption of the castaways was always the central theme of the show from the first episode. And why do people think it was all a dream and nothing mattered? I think it was pretty obvious. I mean the whole point what that everything was real and it DID matter. Christian says this to Jack. Jack’s speech to Desmond says this too, and so many other things along the way reinforce it. All the choices and actions of the characters on the Island mattered. This is why Ben can’t go in the church yet. He "still has some things to work out"…Anyway, no one can ruin my thorough enjoyment of The End, the epilogue, and the whole series.

  18. dont tell me what I can't do says:

    The ending (and epilogue) left a lot to be desired but overall I think it was pretty solid. When I got into lost season three had just came out on dvd. After watching the pilot with a friend I ran out and bought all three seasons. I watched them religously and by the time season 4 came out, I had watched the first three season about 7 times each. I cant help but wonder if things would have been different if not for the writers strike. I dont know why, but I have a feeling that some of the orginal storylines were forced to change or be removed altogether. In my opinion most of the questions were answered in one way or another even if it was a vague answer and left it up to your own discretion. I did feel season six did drag on a little bit, but and although I wasnt completley satisfied, I still enjoyed it. I’ve read through every post and I have some of my own questions that will never be answered but I still wonder…………Almost every character that was on the show came back in one way or another in the final season except, Mr. echo, Naomi, some of the orginal others, Juliet’s sister, cheech, Mr. Paik, the two guys from the hatch and Nina and Paulo. Just kinda curious?Why did saywer stop with the nicknames? They were one of my favorite thingsI was reading the connect four post above and if my memory serves me correctly, wasn’t that what hurley and walt used to play? Which brings me to my question, did the job hurley offered walt equal to the money hurley owed him? just sayingmaybe I missed it, but did it ever explain how the mib was able to change bodies, and why after switching to Locke he couldn’t do it again? I see what they did with the water with sayid, but never really understood. They said he failed and had a darkness in him, same thing happen to claire. But what happens if you pass? Weren’t we led to believe ben also was put in the water. Was he someone who passed or did he too have that darkness?I seen some people talking about the cabin. Screw who used it or didnt use it. What the hell was that all about when ben and locke were in there and the cabin started shaking and that quick flash of a person popped up and all that hooplah. I paused that scene like Im sure many of you did and so I ask, What’s up with that?Maybe some of these things were answered I missed it as I have only watched the 5th and 6th season once so far. But yea………………………………

  19. Ian says:

    Anyone realize that in Chang warning recruits watching the video of the effects of the electromagneticism on pregnant polar bears might have been an answer in itself about why the pregnant women on the island kept dying?

  20. HamSTAR says:

    One of the things that annoyed me about the last season was the distinct lack of Walt. I know it seems silly but if they’d shown this as part of the finale then I would have been a lot more satisfied with it simply because the whole time I was thinking "Oh man, I hope Walt and Eko appear in this episode…" and neither of them ever did or were even mentioned in passing. The flash sideways seems a little pointless really. It was a way to put the characters in situations that were otherwise unexplored (eg. Jack having a son) which is interesting but ultimately took up a lot of time of the final season when I really wanted a little more closure. Overall though, it was a good show and most of the questions I have are completely trivial things. Seriously though, why WAS Locke on that weed farm?

  21. dan says:

    explains the bird shouting hurley, also explains why charlotte found polar bear fossils in the tunisian desert – including walt in this 12 minute special was nice, because he was one of the most intriguing stories in the first season and it seemed as though he had been forgotten.this does tie up some lose ends but i still dont get the point of the flash sideways.

  22. a lost lost (no pun intended) fan says:

    I could accept that this show was all about character evolution, but if that’s the case then it really bothers and disappoints me was the exaggerated use of mysteries, questions, developing a very intriguing plot and opening more questions as a device to getting people’s attentions and keeping them hooked… and then blowing it up with something that seemed like a cheap story ending, a deus ex machina (times 2) that would explaining everything for the "good" (jacob) an the "bad" (the MiB). I mean, come on, people… anything and everything could be easily explained by the mere existence of these two characters. And then all the questions that aimed to make a little bit of sense out of the plot were dismissed as "unimportant" or, worse, as "not related to the development of the characters". Simply speaking, if the aim was developing characters and giving them the possibility of reinventing themselves then a normal island with stranded people would do perfectly fine. And I can grant you a bit or two of sci-fi here and there (I love that), but then again only if it all makes sense. For example, if MiB could trick anybody into killing Jacob, why did he insisted on killing people throughout 2000 years of history instead of using each and every one of them (or all of them) as tools for murdering Jacob? Or what was his original plans for escaping the island? Just sail? If so, why didn’t he did that from the beginning? And if he had to kill Jacob before leaving, then why didn’t he packed everything and left as soon as Ben stabbed him? On another subject, what does "protect the island" exactly means? Because when the MiB exists it was somewhat clear that he was the bad guy (of course only after we knew of his existence), but when he didn’t exist (i.e. before Jacob or after Jack kill him), then what did this protection meant? Why allowing people (a whole, big bunch) live, build scientific stations for the sole purpose of harvesting the energy and profiting from it (i.e. the Dharma folk)? Or if Jacob is some sort of "semi-god" inside the island, how come he is so powerful in the outside world so as -for example- to help Locke survive the fall from a window? And from a character development perspective, am I expected to believe that Ben, who was very willing to kill his father and spend many years killing other people (or having them killed) in cold blood then flips to be a "good guy", and then again turn back into a bad guy and be very willing to kill anything and everything when the MiB offered him to keep to island, to be once again suddenly changed to a good guy and accepts Hurley (who he totally disregarded before) as chief? Why (but please, explain me why) simply not killing Hugo and fulfilling his ambition -since he had no remorse or problems in offering to kill more people after killing Charles Whitmore? And I can keep on and on…OOOOhhh… that ranting felt good. I am (was) a big Lost fan. I used to blindly defend the story, the series, the idea, the concept… it was like being in love. But after this, I feel betrayed. I cannot help remembering one of my best friend’s phrases after quitting halfway through the second season: "it feels like somebody’s pulling my leg and making a profit in the way".Unfortunately, it feels like that now.R.PS: And please, don’t come with the simplistic answer that "life is full of unanswered questions"… this show is not supposes to mirror real life, it’s a fantasy tv series for pete’s sake!

  23. skallywalla says:

    Ha – that was great! I am one of the – at times lonely-feeling – group of fans who loved the finale, and thought it was very fitting. Because I also thought that the mysteries and mythology of the show was peripheral to it when in the end, it was about the stories and the relationships of the characters and their journeys. The island was central to their story – but it was not the whole story; it was merely a vehicle through which their stories were told. This doesn’t mean that I didn’t love the mythology and the mysteries of the show – so I thought that this epilogue was neat and tied up a few loose ends. I mean, I had already guessed about the polar bears, didn’t really care about the Dharma food drops, and just assumed that Walt had gone on with his life as best he could – but it was nice to have that little bit answered. I think it makes sense that Walt belonged on the island – and maybe if Michael hadn’t been such an a$$hat in getting his son back, they could have stayed and built their life together there. I have been re-watching the series with my friend who’s never seen it before, and I am frankly amazed at the continuity the creators maintained throughout, especially given the supernatural, fantastical elements of the show. In addition, I have never seen another show which struck such a remarkable balance between staying true to the integrity of the story and acknowledging and responding to their fan base with the story (remember Nikki and Paolo?). It’s funny how they designate certain characters to voice the audience’s thoughts and confusion at times (sometimes Sawyer, but often Hurley.) I think they achieved this again with this little epilogue.So, thanks, creators – you didn’t need to give the fans this extra little tidbit, but it was awfully nice that you did. 🙂

  24. clem says:

    skallywalla why do you feel that walt should be on th island ? i didn’t see where walt was a big paart of the show at all he was kidnaped big deal no real reason for his being there at all

  25. c0uP says:

    Attempting to reply to these comments has become a daunting task, and I don’t think I can reply to every single one any more, but trying my best!@dont tell me what I can’t do: re: characters not returning – I think they tried to pack as many in as possible, and I’m sure they’d have loved to get Eko back on, but it was probably just due to scheduling, more than anything elsere: MiB and switching bodies – He explained to Jack that he could take the form of any deceased body on The Island, and, hard to remember now, but it feels like they mentioned a rule that after Jacob died, MiB had to stay in that form. And the simple fact that "Locke" was always around the main camp / characters, and couldn’t switch identities as easily.re: water – Ben was still a child and didn’t have that darkness in him, but they did mention that he would lose his innocence and his memory once he was submerged in therere: cabin – I believe that was MiB in there, and it was part of his grand plan to make John Locke "believe", and take him on the journey that eventually led to MiB taking over his body. Ben thought he was the only one that was special, and could see or talk to Jacob, and MiB did this to start the conflict between the two.@Ian: Yep, that was pretty much the correlation made.@a lost lost (no pun intended) fan: Glad you got that rant out of your system! However, most of these "questions" of yours have answers…Jacob brought people to The Island as candidates, and MiB couldn’t kill Jacob or those candidates directly. The fundamental debate on The Island between the two was about humanity and the nature of people, and MiB needed to manipulate these candidates, or someone else, into killing Jacob.It’s not like MiB was alone in doing so either, with Jacob heavily manipulating the lives of candidates in bringing them to The Island.Once Jacob was dead, there were still remaining candidates left, and until each of them were killed too, MiB couldn’t leave."Protect The Island" meant protecting The Heart of The Island, which Jacob / MiB’s mother had sworn to protect, hence the duty being carried on to each subsequent protectorMiB knew he couldn’t just sail off. He wanted to harness the electromagnetism [what eventually became the Frozen Donkey Wheel] to manipulate time & space and leave The Island.Ben was never a "good guy" until the end. His motivations were always pretty clear, but The Island was all about redemption and second chances, and he got his. I believe that’s what character development is about…@skallywalla: I sit firmly amongst that group of fans too! I’m already wondering when to start from the beginning, yet again ^_^ glad you enjoyed@clem: The executive producers have said it themselves; if Walt hadn’t matured so quickly in real life, his character / role on the show would have been very different. He was *the* special one, and they always played that up in season one, and who knows what it could’ve led to.

  26. squowxx says:

    Hm… I enjoyed this, I liked it. But I was very disappointed by how pathetic Ben’s character has gotten. I absolutely love him, and to see him like this really ruins the whole episode. But they finally answered my question about how they still got the DHARMA food!

  27. cobra9832v says:

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  28. LOST. says:

    Wish there couldve been more! Im suuuch a lost fan so like always i know you dont get all the answers. But that Dharma video was great. Walt? idk… seems a little weird. But it was nice to see Hurley again.

  29. mike says:

    they named this show lost for a reason guys. don’t expect answers. its a digital puzzle for our enjoyment

  30. c0uP says:

    @cobra9832v: you’re most welcome@LOST.: Agree that the Walt thing was a little weird, and more a hat tip to what could have been@mike: a six year digital puzzle like no other!

  31. My wife and I just finished LOST on Netflix, for the first time, and we both loved it. For us, the show became a mind-game, and a puzzle in the ‘choose your own adventure" style. I am thrilled that so many questions remained unanswered by the finale, and in this video. I was thrilled to see Ben redeemed. I am glad that we finally sat down and watched this show. We avoided it when it was originally aired for the same reasons we generally avoid TV, but I am glad we jumped in and participated in this story, even if only after the fact.

  32. c0uP says:

    @E_Hedonism: So glad you both liked it, and bravo on getting through the show after the fact, and seemingly managing to avoid spoilers!

  33. Novicius says:

    SPOILER ALERT!!! Love the show, best there´s ever been, total life changer; absolutely love the finale (still cry like a child on every rememberance scene as they find each other with that heart breaking music and realise they are dead), love the epilogue, miss the weekly thrill. But if you´re going to explain the polar bear matter, why not going all the way and explain how the hell their bones ended up in Tunisia. I mean, obviously they got into the same electromagnetic portal as Locke when he turns the wheel down at the well. Either that or they were "teletransported" like the duplicate bunnies from the mobisodes. But, was it intentional?, was it an accident? Not that I´m expecting a true answer but dammned it I also miss speculating with the show. (big sigh)

  34. Dr. Ponyo says:

    The most important thing I wish that Lost had answered was how Hurley died if he became immortal. I mean, when he became the new Jacob after drinking the water, he became everlasting, didn’t he? Yet he was in the church at the end, dead as anyone else. I just wish I knew if he died in an act of heroism or by the hand of another.

  35. c0uP says:

    @Novicus: I’m assuming they implied between the experiments and the electromagnetism, the same way Locke got there. That place in Tunisia was almost a known exit from The Island, hence the cameras Widmore installed.@Dr. Ponyo: I’m pretty sure he moved on, leaving Walt or Ben in charge. Doubt there was any violence involved.

  36. Joe says:

    The polar bear thing wasn’t to explain the polar bears which we already knew, it was to explain why pregnant women were dying, which was never explained and we had to deduce it was because of the electromagnetism. Walt was there because nothing about Walt made sense. Why did the others take him? Ext… Well now we know that Walt apparently is special in a way that even Jacob wasn’t. We’ve known that Walt can see things and Hurley has been able to talk to the dead. Apparently Walt can help free the people who whisper and are lost souls on the island. They answered why the people were still dropping food which had made no sense, and they told us why there were mutant birds in the season one finally in the "dark area." That’s a lot of answers. I’m not really sure what else you wanted from a 12 minute dvd extra that they didn’t really have a budget for.

  37. Joe says:

    @ Coup My take on Eko was simpler. He wasn’t a candidate so smokie wanted to use him. But when Eko wouldn’t listen and basically told him to F-off he was his own man, he just killed him to be rid of him. He knew he was never going to be controlled. Where as he still had a chance of getting the other people to kill Jacob.

  38. Joe says:

    And Walt knew his Dad died because he sees things that happen on the island. He told that to Locke when Locke came to see him. I’m sure he just saw that it happened or he knows his dad is trapped there.

  39. clem says:

    they just made walt look like more than he was to end the show with us thinking. all mind games from the start i don’t watch to much tv after that big let down was the best show ever not because they didn’t answer everything they could have milked another seson or two out of it but what do i know

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