Android niceties: My Android app visual scrapbook

A few weekends ago—to play around with Tumblr more than anything—I started Android niceties.


I describe it on the blog as…

A collection of screenshots encompassing some of the best looking Android apps, and / or apps with interesting user interfaces, hopefully providing some inspiration or insight into Android UI conventions.

Please note: These apps aren’t all 100% unique to Android in their UI conventions, and some have iPhone equivalents, but I didn’t want to keep it PURELY, UNIQUELY Android if I felt the UI still worked, and didn’t do Android a disservice (e.g. a Back button)

“Best” is of course subjective to some extent, and the other point I noted is, yes, if there’s a decent iOS port that still works well within the Android UI conventions, I’m not going to exclude it, save the blatant ignorance of ports that come with Back button et al.

The layout is rather simple. Name of the app, link to the Android Market for said app, and images. I didn’t want a modal overlay or anything to show the images in full-size, so it’s pretty much giant screenshots laid out horizontally [annoying to scroll through for some].

Maybe I’ll eventually do some pattern-specific posts, but for now, I’m keeping it simple.

It’s 30 odd posts in, and I’ll probably continue adding a couple a week. Open to suggestions, though I may not always take them :/



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