Inside Llewyn Davis

‘Inside Llewyn Davis’. My favourite character and performance of 2013. Oscar Isaac is a revelation. I feel hopeless and sad.

The ending hit me hard because of all the brilliance before it. I was immersed inside Llewyn Davis’ world and had no idea what was happening. The writing, looking back, could be accused of putting him in predicament after predicament, but all I felt was sorrow, only questioning it briefly while watching. The world’s a cruel enough place, and as much as I love the character, he doesn’t have a lot of karma going for him.

The soundtrack is the best of the year, the cinematography is beautiful at times. Driving through the night snow and subsequent scenes around it take the cake.

There’s a lot of truth to the story Joel and Ethan Coen have crafted. It seems as of-the-moment as you could ask for in this economy, and you wonder how many artists overcome by adversity give up pursuing what they love. For every Bob Dylan that makes it, there’s plenty that live an unfulfilled life. I’ll take this over a feel good story any day of the week.

Far and away the best thing they’ve done in my opinion. Didn’t expect something this draining at all.


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