Siri, publish my thoughts on the iPhone 4S

The new iPhone was announced today. Let’s just look past all the idiocy proliferated by the mass media around “IT’S A 4S, NOT A 5”.

A dual-core A5 Chip, 8MP camera, full 1080p HD video recording and voice commands integrated into some apps through their Siri acquisition.

Siri is getting all the attention. It only works on the iPhone 4S.

I’ve used the voice-to-text features on my Android for over a year, and the only time I’ve found it actually useful is to dictate a text message while driving.

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Flash is not dead, nor will it die in the near future

Apple Didn’t Kill Flash, HTML5 Did

Yes, there are a million sites and articles that will explain this a lot better than me, but then there are idiots like Christina Warren at Mashable that say stupid things, and annoy the heck out of me, so to save me from responding to individual tweets, I might as well rant a little here.

It pretty much comes down to this…

  • Can designers/developers create experiences like they do in Flash? If you want a frakn HTML5 video site, fine, go for it. But how much more difficult is it for the average Flash designer/developer, currently, and in the near future, to create an experience with the ease and level of control that Flash gives them? I’m thinking it’s pretty fucking hard.
  • Again, from a user experience point of view, for all the demonstration sites that showcase the wonders of HTML5, it still sucks balls in its capability in comparison to Flash, and I really don’t think that’ll change anytime soon.
  • Flash is everywhere. I can’t be bothered finding the numbers, but it is everywhere. You are NOT offering the “best browsing experience”, Steve Jobs [you douchebag], if you do not support Flash on your devices. Nor can you expect everyone to magically convert their sites into HTML5 overnight. Don’t go preaching your “it’s the right thing to do” bullshit, think about the users IN THE TRANSITION PERIOD

I am not saying Flash will never die. It could. What about in the meantime though? HTML5’s capability is at best, limited, and until [if ever] it gets there, from an end user and designer/developer point of view, it’s just crazy to declare it dead, and not support it.

Don’t even get me started on Jobs’ stance on cross-platform development… *reaches for the nearest bottle of rum*