Google+. Initial thoughts from a non-Facebooker.

I’m probably the one person you know [or don’t know] that doesn’t use Facebook. I never saw a need to use it, and coupled with their terrible stance on privacy and general doucheness by Zuckerberg, wouldn’t be caught dead using it. Then Twitter came along and createdshortly filling thereaftera need to consume a constant stream of technology, movie, and cat-related information, amongst other things, and the ability to share all this easily.

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Google Buzz – An hour or two in…

Ok, I have it, it’s running, but an hour or two in, I’m even more confused than I was with Wave.

  • First and foremost, I see 37 unread messages, but how the hell do I just skip to the next unread one? It was just spacebar in Wave.
  • How do I pull in my Twitter feed?
  • How do I add my Twitter contacts to Buzz?
  • How do I post from Buzz to Twitter?
  • Can I sort the threads somehow? Specific contacts, groups, unread messages, etc
  • Would love a minimise button next to each thread
  • Clearly I need to create groups to make this understandable
  • The maps integration is awesome, but the mobile site needs Android 2.0+ to work? Lame. Time to head to XDA I guess
  • It has an ‘edit’ button. WIN!
  • Jason Calacanis is spamming my stream >.<


I might as well be meta and include the buzzlet [wtb microsyntax kthxbai] about this post and the associated comments.