Google Buzz – An hour or two in…

Ok, I have it, it’s running, but an hour or two in, I’m even more confused than I was with Wave.

  • First and foremost, I see 37 unread messages, but how the hell do I just skip to the next unread one? It was just spacebar in Wave.
  • How do I pull in my Twitter feed?
  • How do I add my Twitter contacts to Buzz?
  • How do I post from Buzz to Twitter?
  • Can I sort the threads somehow? Specific contacts, groups, unread messages, etc
  • Would love a minimise button next to each thread
  • Clearly I need to create groups to make this understandable
  • The maps integration is awesome, but the mobile site needs Android 2.0+ to work? Lame. Time to head to XDA I guess
  • It has an ‘edit’ button. WIN!
  • Jason Calacanis is spamming my stream >.<


I might as well be meta and include the buzzlet [wtb microsyntax kthxbai] about this post and the associated comments.


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