Splendour in the Grass 2010 – Greatest hits

Wow! What an amazing, three day musical extravaganza we [@ahmedbaghdadi, @reetssydney and Hari [damn you for not being on Twitter [and no, this was the non-douchey Hari]] just witnessed! I thought the Big Day Out was something, but my goodness, Splendour in the Grass was far beyond what I expected.

I don’t know if it was the best lineup of any festival this year, Marcus Mumford, but it was pretty darn impressive. In no particular order [there will be a particular order later], I saw…

Washington, Foals, Miami Horror, Hot Chip, LCD Soundsystem, Grizzly Bear, Ben Harper & Relentless7, Two Door Cinema Club, Operator Please, Tame Impala, Wolfmother, Florence + The Machine, The Strokes, Miike Snow, Whitley [10 minutes, anyway ~_~], The Vines, Passion Pit, Mumford & Sons, Empire of the Sun.

And of all that, only one disappointment; LCD Soundsystem. I think I can live with that. The whole lineup is here. 

Well, here’s that particular order then. 

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Day Five

I fear that I’ve left this too late and have forgotten some of the details of the past 1.25 days, but I still think this will be one long post.

Day Five [yeh, I’ve switched the format to just days now, as @jymmysim said], well, the first half anyway, was all about museums. I’d always thought the Smithsonian was one museum or something, but I found out yesterday that it’s this gigantic complex of around 15 museums, of which I only visited two.

First up, after a bagel breakfast [did I mention that I now love cream cheese?], was the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Wow. Just. Wow. This place was absolutely amazing. I’m sitting here shaking my head just thinking about it now, actually. The amount of real life examples of everything aeronautical you can ever dream of, coupled with the interactivity and educational value that comes with each exhibit is really astounding. The highlight though, was the flight simulator!

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New York: Day Three & Washington: Day One

I knew this Day business would screw me over >.<

New York Day Three got off to a particularly lazy start and also signalled the beginning of the wedding festivities, with a crapload of people and food.

After watching Argentina whoop Mexico, I headed into the city with my cousin and his mates, specifically [well not really since I don’t know the exact name of the place] ‘The Village’.

Ah, The Village. It’s quite easy to sum up really; 5 shots for $10! I think you can extrapolate the kind of night that I had from that, but the added bonus was $1 pizza slices [yes! $1!] and fries with crazy jalapeno sauce!

I woke up today with a pretty bad hangover, and of course, it had to be a very early start to train it to Washington.

First reactions of Washington; a WiFi hotspot that actually worked at the gorgeous looking Union Station, and, HOT as hell. Like, mid 90s and extremely humid.

I played the model tourist today, and it felt like Washington was made for it. It really is a beautiful looking city, with picturesque parklands and water features surrounding historic buildings like the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and World War II Memorial. In comparison, The White House was a total disappointment, since they’ve become extremely paranoid and stringent on the procedures for getting in and getting a tour; i.e. having to book it months in advance for a relatively lame tour.

I did see a lot of people on segways and saw later that they do segway tours! That would’ve definitely been a fun way to get around, and speaking of, it didn’t seem like the kind of city that lends itself to sight seeing via public transport, and we ended up catching quite a few cabs, but most were $10 max, so, /shrug

I also finally got data access on my T-Mobile SIM! Some APN info had to be added -_- And yes, this post is being written via gmail on my phone, so I’m expecting some whacky formatting.

Also also, this bed is quite possibly the best hotel bed I’ve slept in!