LOST – What Kate Does [spoilers, duh]

Another 42 minutes of mind frakking courtesy of LOST.


  • Nice shout out to season 2’s ‘What Kate Did’
  • Was that Smokey repellent, Dojen [the Japanese dude] blew over Sayid?
  • Damon and Carlton don’t want to use “alternate”, but there are two timelines, and they will somehow come together… or so THEY claim
  • “Because it happened to your sister” *boom* … I guess Jacob didn’t take over Sayid, but this is the start of an explanation of what happened to Claire, and at least the evolution of it will be shown through Sayid; two birds, fine with me
  • Doubts in my mind about whether it’s Jacob or the Man in Black that’s actually evil
  • I don’t even know what’s happened to the real Aaron anymore… He’s staying with Clementine? Or Claire’s mum? So confusing >.<
  • Felt a tad like The Matrix with the whole pill thing
  • Dojen was “brought here (The Island) like everyone else” … they sure as hell better explain this!
  • What’s up with all the weirdness around Ajira and Rousseau? That was unsettling.

I’ll continue to update with DarkUFO and podcast spam as the week goes on.



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