You can test your streaming video speeds on YouTube now?!


Since when did this get introduced?! Maybe it was part of the new video player that started showing up a month ago? I accidentally right-clicked the YouTube video [Gym Class Heroes – On My Own Time [great song, btw]] I was watching and one of the options was ‘Take speed test’. Who am I to refuse The Google? I took the test and was then directed to a page with some funky graphs and benchmarks of how my speed holds up against the average speed of my ISP, city, state, country and globally! Not sure how big the sample size is for the comparison data or anything, but nifty nonetheless.


You can even click ‘Show Test Video’ and see your streaming information in real time. If that’s your thing, that is… /shrug


Anyway, it was geeky and cool to see, and between this and the interactive Pac-Man Google logo, my love for Google continues to increase. Take the test and let me know what you get!


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