LOST – What They Died For [spoilers, duh]


  • Ok, wtf is up with the neck bleeding? And why is it slowly getting worse, from the minor scratch in episode 1? This is obviously the connection to the Flash Sideways, but what exactly is happening? We’ve only seen it on Jack, and I’m writing this after watching the whole episode, so I might as well assume that it’s directly related to Jack becoming The Candidate. What’s going to happen to him as a result of becoming The Candidate in the Flash Sideways though?
  • Why was Jacob in kid form? Was there ANY reason why that needed to happen? Surely the writers still didn’t think it was a mystery to anyone, so, what gives? Seemed completely unnecessary to me, considering Hugo is pretty much looking for Jacob every second anyway.
  • So it was Widmore that rigged the explosives on the plane. How did MiB know to pick up a wrist watch and use it as a timer? o_O
  • Oh, Richard, you’ve only been on The Island a couple of hundred years, what else did you expect to happen except get tossed aside? Maybe MiB knew Richard was a lost cause, but since they showed no body, he’s probably still alive
  • “He’s hiding in my closet”
  • “We insist; even if we have to kidnap you!” Lovin’ this dark humoured mirrored dialogue!
  • Speaking of completely unnecessary, Zoe. Good. Lord. She didn’t die quick enough. They could have at least got someone hot to play her.
  • No gripes with Widmore dying. He was an asshole, even if Jacob brought him here. Good for you, Benjamin! Michael Emerson got his groove back this episode
  • Jacob made MiB the way he is. He knows that he’ll die, and that someone needs to take his place, hence the candidates. Why were these particular people picked? Because they’re like Jacob. They were alone, looking for something they couldn’t find in their current lives/existence. They needed The Island as much as It [he] needed them. That’s it, that’s the explanation for the names on the wall, the candidates, that’s it. I’m fine with that really. This season has pretty much hinted at all these things anyway.
  • “I thought that guy had a God complex before” Amen, Sawyer.
  • Why was Kate’s name crossed off? Because she became a mother. She found her calling/purpose; fair enough
  • How can the new candidate kill MiB, if Jacob can’t?
  • Where’s Desmond? It was just Sayid that helped him out of the well, wasn’t it?
  • They’re going to a concert, outstanding! Any chance of a Michael Giacchino guest appearance?
  • Desmond is a “last resort…a failsafe” because he can destroy The Island? How exactly? If Widmore and co. were setting up something at all the pockets of energy, surely that plan has failed now since they’re all dead? Is he going to blow up the Frozen Donkey Wheel?
  • MiB keeps talking about “leaving” The Island, but it almost seems like he’s resigned to the fact that the only way he’s going to get his wish is if he leaves The Island through death

Bring on Monday, bring on the surprises, bring on the tears, and hopefully, bring on a quasi-satisfying conclusion, because you better believe this thing is ending, dammit!


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11 thoughts on “LOST – What They Died For [spoilers, duh]

  1. Marc Rawlings says:

    OK great episode, just building it up nicely for the final on Monday (Sydney time). My thoughts from the episode tonight.* Jacob said that he bought them to the island because they were lonely in 2004, but yet we know that Jacob visited many of them long before then. This would imply that he spent his entire life ensuring they would be alone?? Not sure about that* Funny how Jacob claims to have taken Kate off the list because she became a mother, but yet Sayid was given no such luck when he married Nadia, so did Jacob killed her in order to bring Sayid back to the island?* I am really liking where the sideways theme is going, but i think there is so much more to tell.* From what i am seeing in the sideways theme is that the characters there are making their own choices.* Ana Lucia’s return was a joke for Hurley, Hurley seems to know a lot about the island and the characters for the island* Where are all the sideways characters going and what are they going to do?* Next week, we finally get the answer I been waiting for: the identity of David’s mother. (Well I hope)* Did a here Sawyer use the term ‘FLOCKE’?* As i thought last week, that Jacob having to be shown the Magical Glowing Light, Cave might explain why it is that the Losties never found the Lighthouse, or the Cave, before these episodes, and Jacob’s directions to Jack regarding the former seems to support this theory. * I was somewhat annoyed to see Widmore killed so quickly as he seemed an important piece to this puzzle.Until next week and to the final, it is going to be a very emotional day for myself i know this. 6 long years and so many happy, sad and WTF moments is all going to end. I am sure i am going to love the final……..

  2. c0uP says:

    Ok, awesome point re: Jacob. For all the talk of caring for them in their time of need, you’re kinda right, would they have been driven to their desperate situations if it wasn’t for his meddling? I’ve always felt the Flash Sideways are a Jacob free world, which is what you’re alluding to, with the characters being able to make their own choices.I can’t believe they’ve left David’s mother / Jack’s ex-wife as a mystery! I mean, sheesh! I’m not even that excited to know, but who do you reckon? Juliette? Julie Bowen’s character?And yus, I believe he did say Flocke!

  3. A confused NJ says:

    Nice couP.- Also annoyed that Widmore dude died so easily, i wanted a mado war fight at the end- I Sawyer is going to sacrifice himself next week, you can see he is cut about killing the asians and sayeed – I hope they close the loop on that Faraday guy as well, he seemed important some how.

  4. c0uP says:

    Yeh, it’s a bit weird in general. I don’t know if they could have spread out the killing off of characters a bit more throughout the season, but all these seemingly important dudes are just pawns of Jacob anyway. I’m pretty sure Jacob is responsible for more people dying than MiB! Or it seems that way anyway. Hate that guy >.<Hmm, Sawyer IS sacrifice guy, so you could be right, I reckon he’ll die, but then, what that means in terms of the two timelines merging is anyone’s guess.Faraday will be at that concert no doubt, but not sure if he’ll play a major part. He’ll probably help Desmond, if anything.

  5. drumonastick says:

    so behind on this Lost terminology,I think potentially the Flash Sideways is MiB’s way "off the island". where it’s kinda an alternate reality, but sorta thrown back in time.And Dessie is approaching all the current candidates/islanders to bring them, and essentially MiB (apparently reliving Locke’s past) back to the original reality. This may be why MiB wants Des gone, cause he has the multi-reality jump resistance/capability.This may also explain how the Flash Sideways isn’t just a skew from reality from the Point of when the second plane crash, or whenever, cause "Locke’s" life is totally different with his dad. So Flash Sideways is an entire other reality/dream from the start, where everyone is happy, except for guilty Locke, who NOW wants to move on and get ze surgeryz.Where the fr4k is Faraday? He’s dead for all I care, but was a good sub plot.Zoe dying uselessly is fitting for her useless role.Love Emerson’s new found vigor, he lost it for a good while, didn’t even wanna talk with his daughter!!!!!! lol@ Flash sideways where Linus and Russeu have a moment!I don’t get how when Jacob and MiB where born, English was already spoken, by at least the birth mother. The make an effort to get languages and dialects accurate in this show, so… English is around, BUT later in the island timeline there’s azteccy temples and egyptian statues being erected – da fuk.To answer how Locke knew about getting the wrist watch before entering the plane, he’s special, and he knows shit, he can tell when a sub half an island away has sunk and how many have survived. THOUGH he can’t tell where the frak Des is, whatever.Sayid sacrifices himself for good via bomb – ironic.That’s all until I think of more!

  6. c0uP says:

    You think MiB is aware of the Flash Sideways? o_O Interesting, but surely no one in that THAT reality, even MiB, is aware that another exists. It’d sure be a surprise if that happened, but it would to some extent justify why MiB is ok with dying and destroying The Island, if he knows about this other existence.I doubt there’s any of MiB inside Locke, what Sideways Locke is experiencing is before he died. Then again, I’m still not sure if I’ve understood what you’ve said correctly >.<Hmm, I think all that Egyptian stuff [The Temple, the Tawaret statue] was around WAY before Jacob and MiB got there, they just didn’t show it.

  7. renny1 says:

    Great Post couP. Here are my thoughts on the episodes. Really enjoyed it.Regarding Jacks’s neck cuts, first one on the plane in eps 1 and now a deeper one. What if reality did split up when the big fight takes place when maybe donkey wheel was being turned. The sideways island is under the ocean but the other one is still thriving!! Jack still survives on the island and this Jack has hurt himself on the neck and time and time it bleeds. He is the candidate and he will live forever. 1.Jacob said Kate was a mother but why were Jin and Sun not excluded.2. Regarding your point on how the new candidate could kill MiB, mother did make sure that the brothers couldn’t kill each other. Jack can surely do the task.3. It was great seeing Jacob alive! Everyone could finally see him. Awesome moment.4. Whats going on the sideways? I am inclining that Desmond is rounding up everyone to go back to the island? or could they end up in the church portal if that exists in the sideways world.5. They turned Richard into a cartoon after that beautiful Ab Aeterno episode. He didn’t deserve that kind of an end.6. I agree with Marc, Widmore’s death was too quick. But Ben ending it was fitting as they were arch rivals.7. The desmonds are puzzling, they both seem to know everything. Its like the electronic magnetism has cleared everything for them. It like Desmond saying "I know Lost" (Matrix style).8. I don’t think sideways locke knows anything. He isn’t evil here.Never been so hooked to a TV show like this. Monday will be awesome, sad and will bring about tears of joy and happiness to me. What more can I say I will be sharing this experience with good friends such as you & Marc who are passionate for this show as me. Cheers to you Carlton & Damon for giving us a superb season & some great TV moments.

  8. c0uP says:

    What big fight?! Are you hypothesising what will happen in the finale, or have I missed the Frozen Donkey Wheel being turned?! Or do you mean when The Incident/reset happened?I think with the timelines, we’ve got to keep telling ourselves that the Flash Sideways are still 3 years behind the "normal" timeline; I don’t think they’ve said anything to indicate otherwise. That island we saw sunk in episode 1 must have sunk in 1977 or whenever The Incident happened, right? I don’t think that was The Island that the losties are currently on.Re: Sun and Jin, no idea why they were excluded. I mean, they got to have their baby and fell in love and Jin redeemed himself because they came to The Island; you think that’d rule them out, but then they decided that their love was greater than Jin potentially taking care of their baby?! That was a bit iffy for me, but I guess it seemed right in the moment, and Jin probably felt he’d never get off The Island anyway -_-Yep, fair enough re: Jack being able to kill MiB, as Mother’s rules only applied to Jacob and MiB.I think each Desmond is aware of the other’s existenceI don’t think Richard’s dead yet! Who knows, maybe HE gave Desmond that rope?Monday night will be epic, but before that, see you at Fly Home Friday, brutha!

  9. Asian says:

    Interesting to see that Sun and Jin, two central characters throughout the 6 seasons, are no name ‘the Asians’ to SOME PEOPLE

  10. c0uP says:

    -_- Considering the length of that comment amidst all else that has been written here, I’m impressed that that’s the one thing you chose to comment on! Clearly Sun and Jin weren’t too central to A Confused NJ in his LOST experience. I wonder how he refers to Miles and Pierre Chang, or if he even knows they exist :0

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