LOST season 6 epilogue – New Man in Charge

The 12 minute epilogue to season 6, outlining Hurley’s and Ben’s time on The Island. @marawlings’ link broke halfway through, so I found this version, complete with Italian subtitles, downloaded it and re-uploaded it in the hope that it doesn’t get taken down as quickly as it would on Youtube *fingers crossed*

Watch for:

  • Ben and Hurley
  • Food drops
  • Hurley Bird
  • Polar bears
  • Room 23
  • Waaaaaaaalt

I expected more, but, at least we saw ol’ Bug Eyes one more time. Long live LOST.


186 thoughts on “LOST season 6 epilogue – New Man in Charge

  1. kriskier9 says:

    What about the NUMBERS?! Why was the insane guy in the hospital with Hurley chanting the NUMBERS? 4 8 15 15 23 42…

  2. Joe says:

    The numbers corresponded to the castaways and their specific position on the dial that Jacob used to monitor the candidates at the watch tower. Their appearance and the way they affected things were because Jacob was "using" them to subtly manipulate the castaways to end up on the island. He needed to bring them their but didn’t want them to know about him so they would still have the choice he wasn’t given. He didn’t want to have to tell them to come to the island so he used the numbers to get them their. If you notice they tended to really only interact with the six castaways that they pertained to.

  3. Daniel says:

    I am glad I watch this. For the longest time I have allways wonder where did that food drop came from an why they were still droping food on the island.

  4. clem says:

    why would they be dropping food for ppl in purgatory to start with i still say they ruined the ending with that pugatory crap a dream on the air plane would have been better

    • Nieat says:

      The island wasn’t purgatory ! It really happened ! The ending was just that they all waited in purgatory for one another after they died (at their seperate times) before moving on. So boon really died on the island plane, Libby really was shot.. Jack dies there and then in the last episode. And then once they all died.. They waited In purgatory for one another. They still looked young because they went back to the state in which they had all met each other, since they were the most influential people In each other’s lives

    • evilfangs says:

      Maybe it did crash, maybe it didn’t but it didn’t matter when each person died because they just waited in limbo ( side ways flash ) until everyone had died and everyone was ready to cross over into the after life. When each person came to the realism of what brought them to the Island in the fist place ( Jack had father issues, Charlie was a druggie etc ) that said person was able to be “woken up” and realized they was in limbo and then were able to go to the Church to cross over into the afterlife.

      In the side ways flash Charlie choked on his drugs and got a glimpse of where he was, so he helped Desmond to wake up by crashing the car in the water and do that hand against the window like he did on the Island at the looking glass ( underwater DHARMA station ), just before he died. Desmond then went around and helped everyone to wake up and realize they was in limbo. He got Hugo and Libby to kiss, he made it so Kate delivered Clarie’s baby again etc. Once everyone was woken up in limbo everyone went to the Church.

  5. What was unanswered??? says:

    I fail to understand how fans failed to understand the finale to the series? Why do many people assume they were dead all along? Christian explained to jack that the sideways flash was a place they had created to meet up again although once they had died at whateverpoint in their lives they were unaware of this as they had not dealt with their life issues. For jack he had father son relationship problems with his dad from a young child, claires unsurety regarding the baby adoption etc etc etc. Yes they survived the crash, they lived on the island and theyndied whenever it was their time to die. Claire may well have died aged 103! Who knows! It all happened and I can’t think of any other way it should have ended!

    • Jack says:

      i knows its been YEARS!!!! But when and where WHY in ‘Lost’ did:
      “that bird call Hurley’s name in Season 2?”

      Just now came across the added-later video and Your Post from 2011 🙂
      Thanks David!

  6. adam says:

    What I can’t get is what kind of machine could throw those foods to the island from that far…I suppose Walt was prepared to be Hurley’s replacement…or just an assistant?Hurley also loved helping people,even dead people to whom he could talk,so he wanted to help Michael’s spirit to move on,that’s why Michael was not in the Purgatory-Reality…he had already moved on and as for Walt…well he could be still alive(immortal and everything)if he became the New Jacob after Hurley so that’s why he wasn’t there either.Anyway LOST was my favourite TV series but I couldn’t find New Man in Charge on YouTube.I’m glad it’s here.

  7. MYLES HALL says:


  8. MYLES HALL says:


  9. two shows absolulty had me in awe, Lost was one of the best series ever………………….Battlestar Galicticia was the other………. It was an ending that lost could only do. I just hated that Sawyer lost his true love………I cried Long live lost…………..

  10. two shows absolulty had me in awe, Lost was one of the best series ever………………….Battlestar Galicticia was the other………. It was an ending that lost could only do. I just hated that Sawyer lost his true love………I cried Long live lost…………..

  11. mindweave says:

    How does one kick the habit of being a "Lost" junkie? I watch the prior seasons over and over- I love these characters. I seemed to have missed the last season and am only catching up now- this was an interesting epilogue, but so many questions are still unanswered. "Lost" did not end. I am not satisfied with the finale or the epilogue and want it to continue going on and on— nothing on television ever intrigued me as much…

  12. MaStErCoD2134 says:

    A job that Walt as 2 do since there are no more lost episodes that question about what job Walt is suppose to do is going to remain in my mind forever

  13. i says:

    what was that thing when john locke didn’t push the button? the diagram with all of the things pointing at the question mark.

  14. noteria says:

    I think that walt’s job is the same job that richard had. since hurly is the new jacob he needed a new richard.

  15. Sawyer lock says:

    Just watched the last eps of lost. And just seen this. I thought the end was perfect. Yeah there was loose ends but come on. What did you expect. Oh and I loved this little short also. The only real problem I got now is what the fuck I’m gonna do now? Been watching it every night on Netflix. Now. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Damm wish I could erase my memory And re do it again

  16. c0uP says:

    I’ve been so bad in replying to comments lately, but it is so awesome to still see discussion happening around the greatest show of all time!@sawyer lock: there is life after LOST, as unbelievable as that may seem right now!

  17. Just finished watching all of LOST myself with my girlfriend, and i was very satisfied with the ending. All of the basic things were answered, and all of the more profound things (what exactly was the island, what created the light, etc) were not, but they didn’t need to be, nor would an actual answer have helped.What i really want to see is a Chronological Cut of Lost ordering every single scene in the order that they took place in time. It would start off with the events of "Across The Sea", progress to Richards story and the Black Rock crashing on the island, etc.

  18. Denise says:

    I also don’t understand how some believe that the entire show was them in purgatory. Everything that happened on the show really happened. The plane crash, them surviving, Dharma, getting off the island and coming back, Jacob, MIB and etc. The ONLY part that was purgatory was the sideways world. Jack’s father makes this all very clear in the finale. He told, Jack, that some died before him and some died long after him. If they all died in the crash then how can anyone die long after Jack? If they all had died in the crash then they all would have died at the same time. I loved the ending and what needed to be answered was answered. To explain the biggest mysteries such as the light source would be impossible. We know it’s what kept the balance of good and bad in the world and someone in the island had to protect it. What more do people want to know about it? The mystery of it is what makes it special and to try and answer it would never do it justice and just take away from its intrigue. Throughout the entire show, characters would say "live together, die alone" but the ending showed how that wasn’t true, I liked that little touch of using that line prior to the finale so many times. The island was more of a supporting character you can say. Like on every show/movie, supporting characters are there to give added dimensions to main characters, and helps push their storyline further along. That’s exactly what the island did for these main characters. Through its mysteries and craziness it pushed these characters in ways they wouldn’t have been pushed otherwise. It made them face their own demons and obstacles in life and helped develop them into the complex characters many of them were. Without the circumstances of the island we wouldn’t have seen such character development. Of course, this is what the show was about-the characters!

  19. John Brockbank says:

    Walt was not at the concert, nor in the ‘church’ at the end, because he was still on the Island, again with Ben as helper. Ben had more to do, get some more recruits to help.

  20. Ladybug says:

    Still crying after watching the ending after night after night on Netflix….I thought it was as if the plane didn’t crash UNTIL Sun & Jin when they realized they were dead….like it’s this deep spiritual thing…AMAZING how a tv series can visually & thoughtfully provoke our deepest thoughts & emotions. Now it’s nice to think Walt is on the island after Hurley.

  21. Jacob says:

    I think such a tv show the creators dont just want us entertained they want us to get something more from tv. Thats why lost has to be over. Stop when your on top.. i really want another season but thats not happening, so im glad, also sad. We learn to let go like the show has emphasized so heavily.

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