Damon Lindelof to LOST fans on the finale: “PLEASE DON’T SPOIL YOURSELF”

I listened to TheODI’s podcast / interview with Damon Lindelof just now, and that monologue in the last minute from Damon was absolutely amazing, and every LOST fan should listen to it! I’m going to transcribe it, because that’s how much I loved it. It will have a lot less impact without Damon saying it, but, /shrug

All I will say is, especially to people who gravitate towards spoilers, you might really really really be tempted to feel you deserve to know what the ending of the show is before you watch it on May 23. And the reason that you’re probably feeling that way is, because you DON’T trust us. Because, you feel like, “I need to protect myself in case i’m disappointed”. But i will say, that, YOU, have an opportunity that no one else is going to have after May 23 once DVDs come out and it’s out there in the world, which is, to honestly and actually be part of the final episode of the show, as its broadcast in many places around the world, simultaneously, so you’ll probably be watching the show, relatively the same time as another 20 million people, and I ask you as a favour to the show, not because you owe it, PLEASE DON’T SPOIL YOURSELF. Let yourself experience the ending of the show without knowing what’s going to happen. Please.

AMEN to that.


LOST – Ab Aeterno [spoilers, duh]

“Ab Aeterno”. Since the beginning of time. I googled it just now, and clearly others have been doing so recently.



  • A LOT of mythology, and one ep that will take several viewings to understand properly
  • The Black Rock destroyed the four-toed statue!
  • If the Black Rock crashed onto The Island, what was that ship we [Jacob & MiB] saw at the end of Season 5?
  • Why did MiB “judge” Richard and let him go? Why does he “judge” people? Does he see them as potential successors? Did he see that Richard had killed someone and wanted him to kill Jacob. Why not use the captain that had just killed four others? Can he only use Jacob’s candidates?
  • “Don’t let him speak…if you do it’s already too late” sounds exactly like Dogen
  • “The Devil took my body” – MiB. What the?
  • The cork / wine bottle analogy was simple enough, and explained things well
  • WHO is Hurley talking to [when he’s talking to Isabella]? I’m going to say that he’s talking to the same thing that’s on-island Christian Shephard. I don’t think it was MiB [I’ve ranted before about how I think they’re two different people]. Surely MiB can’t be there, talking as “Isabella”, and also at the same time project that Smokey sound
  • Twas great seeing Titus Welliver again

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