LOST – Across The Sea [spoilers, duh]

Can you say “mythology overload”? Then, add one, multiply it by infinity and square it. Good. Lord.


  • Jacob and MiB are Twins!
  • Allison Janney as Jacob and MiB’s “mother”? Inspired casting. She was amazing, and ever so creepy at first.
  • So that kid MiB saw in the jungle WAS a young Jacob
  • “They come, they fight, they destroy, they corrupt, and it always ends the same” This was Janney’s reasoning for killing those that came to The Island. This would imply that she WOULDN’T want others coming to The Island, and she made that clear to Jacob and MiB, so why is Jacob bringing people to The Island? Purely to find a successor? Isn’t he jeopardising The Island by giving MiB the chance to leave? Not like he can die or anything.
  • “Because a little bit of this same light is inside of every Man, but they always wan’t more…and if the light goes out here, it goes out everywhere” So what is this “light”? “Goodness”? Jacob? The Guardian, whoever that may be? We’ve heard the other side of this story already,with the wine/cork analogy, which was all about “The Darkness” [MiB] being contained within The Island, and if that gets out, it spreads
  • everywhere
  • “One day, you can make up your own game, and everyone else will have to follow the rules” He sure did take that to heart
  • MiB created the Frozen Donkey Wheel! Although it wasn’t so frozen back in the day
  • “It’s a wheel. We’re going to attach that wheel to a system, a system that channels the water and the light, and then I’m going to turn it, and when I do, I’ll finally be able to leave this place” Why can’t MiB turn it in present day? Obviously someone finished building The Wheel, no doubt due to him, so why not use it? Why did he have to get Locke to turn it? Is it because he isn’t inhabiting a real body?
  • “life, death, rebirth, it’s the source, the heart of the island…promise me you won’t go down there…it’d be worse than dying Jacob, much worse” Does that mean MiB is bound to The Island?
  • What was in that cup? MiB’s blood? Janney’s blood? Water from that pool in The Temple?
  • Who woulda thunk that Backgammon scene in season 1 between Locke and Walt would be replayed over and over in so many different ways? Jacob and MiB were playing Senet apparently , an old Egyptian board game, possibly the oldest board game in the world. The name means “game of passing”
  • Where did Janney come from? That I don’t think we’ll ever find out, due to the whole, “you’ll only find out what mysteries are important to the characters on the show” I think I’ve come to accept this
  • SHE caused that massacre at MiB’s camp?! o_O
  • *sound of knife into flesh* *jumps from chair*
  • ADAM AND EVE = MiB and his mother! NO ONE would’ve picked that!
  • And so Smokey was born, via Jacob of all people. What happened when MiB was thrown in there? Did the “light” get corrupted and turn into “darkness”?
  • Damon and Carlton made it unequivocally clear last week that MiB was the evil one, but you can’t say MiB was wrong with his “my mother was a terrible person” line a few eps ago
  • I just asked a lot of questions…

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LOST – Everybody Loves Hugo [spoilers, duh]


  • Michael! I’ve missed you!
  • Hugo gets his first date. Awww. “you don’t remember me do you?… Island… Plane crash.” What the frak? Is there really some connection with dead people being aware of what happened on The Island in the flash sideways?
  • Oh snap! *boom* goes Ilana. Guess she wasn’t important then… Seems like a lot of time invested in her for no reason
  • What’s with the smug look, kid? This kid must be the higher power that “cast” Jacob and/or MiB in their roles on The Island.
  • The Whispers. Explained. Tick that off the list. People stuck on The Island because of what they did/their “sins”. “The ones who can’t move on”. Feels like I need to revisit every ep with The Whispers and look for appearances which i previously thought were Smokey
  • Really? “love” is the trigger? Feels like a bit of a cop out… Ok, love and car crashes! Or any sort of, what, trauma?
  • So, Locke’s facial expression changed, and it felt like he had that moment of realisation, but did his eyes change colour? @marawlings has been going on about this eye colour thing for the whole season. Will need to re-watch.
  • There was NO mirror scene in this ep as far as I can tell


LOST – Sundown [spoilers, duh]


  • First impressions. Almost seems like this should’ve been aired consecutively with the next one as a two part episode
  • After The Cliffside Cave and The Lighthouse, this ep was relatively light on mythology
  • Where the hell is / what the frak happened to Sawyer?
  • MiB has Sayid, Sawyer and Claire. Possibly Kate, considering where she ended up at the end of the ep
  • Jacob has Hurley… and Jack?
  • What’s the deal with what / who can keep Smokey out? I thought it was the ash, but I doubt there was any surrounding The Temple, and it was instead Dogen.
  • Do Jacob and MiB have certain parts of The Island they can inhabit?
  • MiB is now “free”, so why’s he taking people along for the ride? Does he need another proxy [living], to leave The Island? Or is he just plain evil? That killing spree at The Temple did seem excessive.
  • What’s MiB going to do with all those suckers people?
  • Keamy makes some mean eggs
  • MiB details confirmed: takes the form of someone dead [on-island]  that you know
  • Would Sayid actually have killed him if he didn’t let Flocke blurt out that greeting?
  • I don’t get why Lapidus is there
  • What are the chances we’ll get an Ilana backstory, because she sure as hell knows a lot?

LOST – On-Island Christian Shephard != Smokey/Flocke

This thought has been whirling around in my mind ever since I re-watched seasons 4 & 5 of LOST, and last week’s ep [Lighthouse] seemingly added another layer of affirmation. Since I wrote out my theory in a rant-worthy fashion on Google Buzz, during a discussion with @snarkle, I thought I may as well regurgitate it here.

Note: Smokey = Smoke Monster = MiB = Fake Locke = Flocke

Jacob’s Cabin/Circle of ash 
The cicle of ash around Jacob’s Cabin is an anti-Smokey mechanism. So, if Smokey’s roaming around the island, the on-island Christian Shephard inside that cabin John Locke sees surely cannot be Smokey. 


Two quotes from “Lighthouse” sum things up, where Claire seems to make a clear distinction between her father [on-island Christian Shephard] and her friend.

“First my father told me, and then my friend told me” – Claire, when explaining to Jin how she’s so sure The Others have her baby

“That’s not John. This is my friend” – Claire, at the end of the episode when Flocke walks into her camp

What ruins the theory

There’s just one scene that’s stuck with me that ruins this theory. In “Something Nice Back Home”, Jack, working at St. Sebastian hospital hears the smoke alarm beeping and then sees Christian Shephard. At the time, that smoke alarm going off meant only one thing to me, which sort of ruins the theory that they’re separate entities. Unless… there are two Smoke Monsters…

Smokey Candidates

If the two are separate entites, what does it mean? It’s only fair that if Jacob has his candidates, Smokey should be allowed to have some of his own too. Is this what Christian Shephard and Claire Littleton are?

We haven’t seen Claire doing too much for Smokey, but Christian certainly has:

  • Led Claire away from Aaron [to Smokey?]
  • Seen sitting with Claire in Jacob’s Cabin
  • Crucial in making John Locke believe he had to sacrifice himself, off-island, which I believe was needed for Smokey to take his form when he returned in the coffin
  • Told Sun to wait for John Locke [who was Flocke at this point]


In retrospect, all I needed to say was, Smokey cannot leave The Island. Jack seeing Christian Shephard in “Something Nice Back Home” either disproves this fact [of which a 0% chance exists], or this is a plot hole.


LOST – The Substitute [spoilers, duh]

That was mythology overload, right there.


  • “What are the odds of you running into a spinal surgeon?” Sounds a lot like Ben Linus of season 3 to me, and very fresh in my mind after my LOST marathon. On that note, there is just so much duality i’m starting to pick up
  • Smokey cam is awesome! I propose a Smokey vs Cloverfield movie
  • Jacob brought them to The Island. He went to them when they were young and/or vulnerable, and manipulated them into making “choices”. They are brought to The Island as potential “candidates”, chosen to protect The Island. Well, that’s what the MiB says anyway. 
  • Was that a kid Jacob that MiB saw?
  • The MiB is also “trapped”, and I guess Sawyer’s his way out
  • Why’s MiB stuck as Locke forever now? Something to do with killing Jacob?
  • *MiB throws the white stone into the ocean* “inside joke” !
  • Very sad to see flash sideways John Locke losing all faith and resigned to his wheelchair existence. “Don’t tell me what I can’t do” is no longer his catchcry it seems
  • Where’s Kate’s number?! HT @marawlings




The Official LOST Audio Podcast: February 22nd, 2010 (19:48)

Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse discuss the numbers, Claire, zombies and the Flash-sideways.

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    LOST – What Kate Does [spoilers, duh]

    Another 42 minutes of mind frakking courtesy of LOST.


    • Nice shout out to season 2’s ‘What Kate Did’
    • Was that Smokey repellent, Dojen [the Japanese dude] blew over Sayid?
    • Damon and Carlton don’t want to use “alternate”, but there are two timelines, and they will somehow come together… or so THEY claim
    • “Because it happened to your sister” *boom* … I guess Jacob didn’t take over Sayid, but this is the start of an explanation of what happened to Claire, and at least the evolution of it will be shown through Sayid; two birds, fine with me
    • Doubts in my mind about whether it’s Jacob or the Man in Black that’s actually evil
    • I don’t even know what’s happened to the real Aaron anymore… He’s staying with Clementine? Or Claire’s mum? So confusing >.<
    • Felt a tad like The Matrix with the whole pill thing
    • Dojen was “brought here (The Island) like everyone else” … they sure as hell better explain this!
    • What’s up with all the weirdness around Ajira and Rousseau? That was unsettling.

    I’ll continue to update with DarkUFO and podcast spam as the week goes on.



    LOST – LA X [spoilers, duh]

    It’s back! I was left feeling unsure after the first episode, but by the end of the second, I was well on board and that familiar feeling of my mind trying to comprehend the madness that I just witnessed had returned.


    • The hydrogen bomb created two timelines?
    • Was The Island at the bottom of the sea Oceanic 815 [the one that didn’t crash] flew over the fate of those from the 70’s timeline we were following? I thought it was initially, but the current 815 flight that landed at LAX seems to be occuring in the same timeframe as the on-island story
    • 3 Locke’s! Wheelchair Locke, Fake Locke and Dead Locke [is Jacob going to ressurect through him somehow? o_O]
    • The Man in Black is the Smoke Monster [aka Fake Locke]
    • Smokey is evil =[ This is still confusing me… I thought Smokey was the Island’s security system. Does this mean that when Ben went along with Fake Locke to Smokey’s lair, Fake Locke slipped away and returned as Smokey?
    • Smokey being evil leads to more questions about what role Mr. Eko could’ve played if he had stuck around on LOST
    • Glad to see they didn’t forget about the other Others that Ben sent with Richard to The Temple, including the old Tail Section crew along with the children, etc
    • Who’s the crazy Japanese dude seemingly in charge at The Temple?
    • Was that Temple the same one Richard went into last season with young Ben? I thought he just went into Smokey’s lair, but that just seemed to be an entrance to the real Temple?
    • What the hell was Desmond doing on 815?!
    • Fake Locke to Alpert: “ It’s good to see you out of those chains” <- A Black Rock reference
    • The Man in Black wants to leave The Island and go “home”, wherever the hell that might be
    • Jacob has taken over Sayid’s body?
    • Kate looked hawt

    Other thoughts via DarkUFO:

    • What is the significance of the hand-carved ankh inside the guitar case?
    • Why did Flocke/MIB cut a piece out of Jacob’s tapestry?
    • Why does the ash on the island act as a barrier from the smoke monster? <- So, do we assume that whatever was being contained in the cabin [you know, the one surrounded by that funky ash] is some form of Smokey / Man in Black? It couldn’t have been Jacob’s cabin, could it, since he’s been seemingly living inside the giant foot the whole time?
    • Theory: Why the island is underwater
    • Recap: Things I Noticed – “LA X” by Vozzek69

    Why did I even bother calling it “Thoughts”? I see a few statements and a gazillion questions >.< Damon and Carlton, I thought you were going into answer mode, but you’re not helping my poor mind >.<


    The Official LOST Video Podcast 2: February 4th, 2010 (04:11)

    What is a flash-sideways? Who is Locke? The Creators & Cast provide some answers.

    The Official LOST Audio Podcast: February 4th, 2010 (23:33)

    Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse discuss the season premiere of LOST.

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    Random sidenote: My ankh keychain that I’ve had for years!



    The LOST Underground Art Project

    I remember seeing Damon, Carlton and a Polar Bear a while ago and wanting to buy every single piece on there, but what I didn’t realise was that Gallery1988 actually had an exhibition, and the multitude of other artwork that was on show, with the overarching name for all of this being The LOST Underground Art Project.

    Thank you so much to The LOST Underground Art Show for providing an exhaustive gallery [with info on each piece], which has resulted in a cheesy grin being plastered all over my face for the last 20 minutes while I scrolled through it all slowly.

    Here are some of my favourites [click each image to embiggen]…











    And here’s The Official LOST Video Podcast that covered the event…