LOST – Across The Sea [spoilers, duh]

Can you say “mythology overload”? Then, add one, multiply it by infinity and square it. Good. Lord.


  • Jacob and MiB are Twins!
  • Allison Janney as Jacob and MiB’s “mother”? Inspired casting. She was amazing, and ever so creepy at first.
  • So that kid MiB saw in the jungle WAS a young Jacob
  • “They come, they fight, they destroy, they corrupt, and it always ends the same” This was Janney’s reasoning for killing those that came to The Island. This would imply that she WOULDN’T want others coming to The Island, and she made that clear to Jacob and MiB, so why is Jacob bringing people to The Island? Purely to find a successor? Isn’t he jeopardising The Island by giving MiB the chance to leave? Not like he can die or anything.
  • “Because a little bit of this same light is inside of every Man, but they always wan’t more…and if the light goes out here, it goes out everywhere” So what is this “light”? “Goodness”? Jacob? The Guardian, whoever that may be? We’ve heard the other side of this story already,with the wine/cork analogy, which was all about “The Darkness” [MiB] being contained within The Island, and if that gets out, it spreads
  • everywhere
  • “One day, you can make up your own game, and everyone else will have to follow the rules” He sure did take that to heart
  • MiB created the Frozen Donkey Wheel! Although it wasn’t so frozen back in the day
  • “It’s a wheel. We’re going to attach that wheel to a system, a system that channels the water and the light, and then I’m going to turn it, and when I do, I’ll finally be able to leave this place” Why can’t MiB turn it in present day? Obviously someone finished building The Wheel, no doubt due to him, so why not use it? Why did he have to get Locke to turn it? Is it because he isn’t inhabiting a real body?
  • “life, death, rebirth, it’s the source, the heart of the island…promise me you won’t go down there…it’d be worse than dying Jacob, much worse” Does that mean MiB is bound to The Island?
  • What was in that cup? MiB’s blood? Janney’s blood? Water from that pool in The Temple?
  • Who woulda thunk that Backgammon scene in season 1 between Locke and Walt would be replayed over and over in so many different ways? Jacob and MiB were playing Senet apparently , an old Egyptian board game, possibly the oldest board game in the world. The name means “game of passing”
  • Where did Janney come from? That I don’t think we’ll ever find out, due to the whole, “you’ll only find out what mysteries are important to the characters on the show” I think I’ve come to accept this
  • SHE caused that massacre at MiB’s camp?! o_O
  • *sound of knife into flesh* *jumps from chair*
  • ADAM AND EVE = MiB and his mother! NO ONE would’ve picked that!
  • And so Smokey was born, via Jacob of all people. What happened when MiB was thrown in there? Did the “light” get corrupted and turn into “darkness”?
  • Damon and Carlton made it unequivocally clear last week that MiB was the evil one, but you can’t say MiB was wrong with his “my mother was a terrible person” line a few eps ago
  • I just asked a lot of questions…


Adding a few interesting points after reading Damon and Carlton’s interview over at HitFix

Q: A couple of my readers pointed out that when Jacob sends the Man in Black down the log flume and he turns into the Smoke Monster, the light in the cave goes out. And they’ve wondered if that means that Smokey now is the light that Jacob is supposed to protect and that’s why he can’t leave the island.

CC: You’ll get more information that will help you understand that in the episodes that follow this one.

Q: When Mother slaughters the people in the human village, the iconography looked very much like the Dharma bunkers after the purge. Was this your way of suggesting why it was Jacob might have allowed The Others to slaughter the Dharma folk – that this is the punishment for anyone who gets too close to unlocking the island’s secrets?

DL: In terms of what Jacob allowed, what he didn’t allow, what The Others did of their own volition, with Ben basically saying “This came down from Jacob” is all in the area that is subject to interpretation purposely. What our intention was is that there is a repeating vicious cycle that seems to happen on this island, where people come to the island, they try to figure out what makes the island work, and the closer they came leads them to their own inevitable demise.

CC: Like Icarus

DL: The more curious you become about why the island has its properties, inevitably the protector of the island feels the need to engage in some form of mass genocide. It was more our attempt to say that history repeats itself, and this is an ongoing and continuing motif.

Definitely got bitchy towards the end!


The Official LOST Audio Podcast: May 14th, 2010 (32:09)

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Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse rehash Across the Sea in their final audio podcast before the series finale.

Thank you so much for doing these podcasts, and for letting us get to know you over six seasons, Damon & Carlton.

The sadness is truly setting in =[


2 thoughts on “LOST – Across The Sea [spoilers, duh]

  1. c0uP says:

    You should really listen to the podcast! You’ll come to understand some of their logic/reasoning behind what they want to reveal/leave up to the audience.Also, this NYTimes article from today http://nyti.ms/bDE2aY

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