LOST – The Last Recruit [spoilers, duh]


  • Confirmed: MiB can take on the appearance of only those that are dead, and on The Island
  • Confirmed: Flocke = Christian Shephard. WHAT THE FRAK? NO. CHRISTIAN SHEPHARD != FLOCKE. HOW CAN THAT BE? >.< See my theory on why this can’t be. Reading this again, an additional argument in my favour was the scene when “Christian Shephard’ appears on the freighter to Michael; how could that be, if Flocke cannot leave The Island?
  • “Because Jacob chose you, you were trapped on this island, before you even got here”
  • Does Flocke actually need The Candidates to get off The Island? Why? All he seemingly needs to do is kill them
  • “John Locke was not a believer, Jack. He was a sucker”. Wow, way to devalue Locke’s 4.5 seasons of faith in The Island and Jacob
  • Sun recognised Flocke in the flash sideways, I assume
  • Sayid can’t have killed Desmond. What does that mean though? Did Desmond tell him something to stop him from killing him, or is Sayid not as evil as Flocke thinks he is?
  • I’m impressed on the casting of mini Jack Shephard 
  • “We’re done going back, Kate” Yeh, haven’t heard that before! See you there in two eps, Sawyer
  • Jack Shephard. The last recruit
  • Am I the only one that expected Shannon to show up? @marawlings has pretty much convinced me that he’ll choose Shannon, and not Nadia, for whatever reason. She’ll be in the next episode
  • And speaking of the next episode, according to DarkUFO, there’s a hiatus next week

LOST – Happily Ever After [spoilers, duh]


  • So, Desmond is apparently surviving catastrophic electromagnetic event guy. Widmore needs to know if he can do it again, because it looks like there will be one more gigantic electromagnetic explosion on The Island, with Desmond having to make the sacrifice [stay on The Island and cause said explosion while everyone else is ferried via sub to The Hydra?] that Widmore spoke of
  • What exactly did that test do to Desmond? Remove him from his consciousness?
  • Written by Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. Of course it was. Clearly they get dibs on Desmond episodes
  • Was that painting with the black and white scales always there in Widmore’s office o_O ?
  • “Consciousness-altering love”
  • How the hell does Charlie know to “show” Desmond? Did he try and re-create that Looking Glass event, which triggered his memory?
  • WHAT was with that look Eloise gave Desmond when she first saw him?
  • Is Eloise another Constant? Some kind of time/balance/force keeper? It feels like the Eloise we saw in ‘Flashes Before Your Eyes’ is the same one, thoughts, consciousness and all, that we’re seeing in this episode
  • “Ready for what?!” Why can’t he see the list?
  • Are the other flash sideways losties going to experience visions of their alternate lives, like Charlie, Desmond and Faraday? Or will they not experience them because they were on The Island at the time of the nuke detonation?
  • Seems like Widmore pretty much re-created The Swan failsafe event, allowing Desmond’s consciousness to become dislodged again
  • Whatever Eloise thought Desmond wasn’t ready for with seeing that list, it looks like he’s going to do the same thing with the losties after he gets that manifest

LOST – The Package [spoilers, duh]

Was this episode going to be anything but a disappointment compared to ‘Ab Aeterno’? Sadly, it lived up to its expectations.


  • “The only way we can leave The Island, is if all the names that haven’t been crossed off, go together” Is this just BS by MiB, or does he actually not need to kill them?
  • The Sickness leads to your emotions disappearing?
  • Why aren’t they married in the sideways? It’s freaking me out more and more that nearly all of the original Oceanic 815 losties ended up on that plane in the Flash Sideways only to not crash on The Island, when seemingly, the only reason they were on that plane in the first place was because Jacob wanted them on there, to crash on The Island
  • Does the fact that Jin seemed to make it extremely clear that he was a Kwon and Sun was a Paik influence on-island events, re: the Kwon candidate?
  • And there we go again, with the frakn long stare into the mirror by Sun. I’m going to screenshot every one of these from the season soon.
  • Room 23!
  • Why are Zoe and co. looking for the pockets of energy? Is that how they’re going to destroy MiB? Or will there be another Frozen Donkey Wheel reset? Or maybe they’ll just destroy the thing.
  • Poor Mikhail, destiny’s a real bitch
  • “A wise man once said that war is coming to this island. I think it just got here” Is Flocke just playing back what Widmore told him, or did someone else actually say that?
  • What did Widmore’s team do while everyone was tranquilised?
  • Ok, The Package is a person, but again, not sure how Desmond comes into play >.< Maybe it’s the fact that he seemingly operates around the normal rules that apply on The Island