LOST – LA X [spoilers, duh]

It’s back! I was left feeling unsure after the first episode, but by the end of the second, I was well on board and that familiar feeling of my mind trying to comprehend the madness that I just witnessed had returned.


  • The hydrogen bomb created two timelines?
  • Was The Island at the bottom of the sea Oceanic 815 [the one that didn’t crash] flew over the fate of those from the 70’s timeline we were following? I thought it was initially, but the current 815 flight that landed at LAX seems to be occuring in the same timeframe as the on-island story
  • 3 Locke’s! Wheelchair Locke, Fake Locke and Dead Locke [is Jacob going to ressurect through him somehow? o_O]
  • The Man in Black is the Smoke Monster [aka Fake Locke]
  • Smokey is evil =[ This is still confusing me… I thought Smokey was the Island’s security system. Does this mean that when Ben went along with Fake Locke to Smokey’s lair, Fake Locke slipped away and returned as Smokey?
  • Smokey being evil leads to more questions about what role Mr. Eko could’ve played if he had stuck around on LOST
  • Glad to see they didn’t forget about the other Others that Ben sent with Richard to The Temple, including the old Tail Section crew along with the children, etc
  • Who’s the crazy Japanese dude seemingly in charge at The Temple?
  • Was that Temple the same one Richard went into last season with young Ben? I thought he just went into Smokey’s lair, but that just seemed to be an entrance to the real Temple?
  • What the hell was Desmond doing on 815?!
  • Fake Locke to Alpert: “ It’s good to see you out of those chains” <- A Black Rock reference
  • The Man in Black wants to leave The Island and go “home”, wherever the hell that might be
  • Jacob has taken over Sayid’s body?
  • Kate looked hawt

Other thoughts via DarkUFO:

  • What is the significance of the hand-carved ankh inside the guitar case?
  • Why did Flocke/MIB cut a piece out of Jacob’s tapestry?
  • Why does the ash on the island act as a barrier from the smoke monster? <- So, do we assume that whatever was being contained in the cabin [you know, the one surrounded by that funky ash] is some form of Smokey / Man in Black? It couldn’t have been Jacob’s cabin, could it, since he’s been seemingly living inside the giant foot the whole time?
  • Theory: Why the island is underwater
  • Recap: Things I Noticed – “LA X” by Vozzek69

Why did I even bother calling it “Thoughts”? I see a few statements and a gazillion questions >.< Damon and Carlton, I thought you were going into answer mode, but you’re not helping my poor mind >.<


The Official LOST Video Podcast 2: February 4th, 2010 (04:11)

What is a flash-sideways? Who is Locke? The Creators & Cast provide some answers.

The Official LOST Audio Podcast: February 4th, 2010 (23:33)

Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse discuss the season premiere of LOST.

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Random sidenote: My ankh keychain that I’ve had for years!



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