LOST – Everybody Loves Hugo [spoilers, duh]


  • Michael! I’ve missed you!
  • Hugo gets his first date. Awww. “you don’t remember me do you?… Island… Plane crash.” What the frak? Is there really some connection with dead people being aware of what happened on The Island in the flash sideways?
  • Oh snap! *boom* goes Ilana. Guess she wasn’t important then… Seems like a lot of time invested in her for no reason
  • What’s with the smug look, kid? This kid must be the higher power that “cast” Jacob and/or MiB in their roles on The Island.
  • The Whispers. Explained. Tick that off the list. People stuck on The Island because of what they did/their “sins”. “The ones who can’t move on”. Feels like I need to revisit every ep with The Whispers and look for appearances which i previously thought were Smokey
  • Really? “love” is the trigger? Feels like a bit of a cop out… Ok, love and car crashes! Or any sort of, what, trauma?
  • So, Locke’s facial expression changed, and it felt like he had that moment of realisation, but did his eyes change colour? @marawlings has been going on about this eye colour thing for the whole season. Will need to re-watch.
  • There was NO mirror scene in this ep as far as I can tell


LOST – Dr. Linus [spoilers, duh]


  • Locke to Ben [off-island] : “Just sounds like you care about this place. And if the man in charge doesn’t, maybe it’s time for a change” Parallels much? Does Jacob actually care about The Island?
  • Ben and his dad still went to The Island as part of The Dharma Initiative! But why the hell did they leave…?
  • “Only six [candidates] left”, says Ilana. Who are the fifth and sixth? I count Hurley, Jack, Jin and Sun. Locke, Sawyer and Sayid are lost causes, aren’t they?
  • Jack: “Where’d you come from?” .. Alpert: “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you” What is that supposed to mean?! He can’t take some kind of Smokey form, can he? Or is he always jumping through time?
  • Confirmed: Jacob gave Alpert his eternal life
  • Confirmed: Alpert came to The Island on the Black Rock
  • Whoever’s touched by Jacob can’t die? What about Locke, then?
  • I vaguely remember a scene in season 5 where Sun brings Alpert the photo of some of the losties in the 70’s and he says he watched them all die. That scene is now confusing me for some reason.
  • Widmore = 108? Does that mean Jacob wanted him back?
  • Still no Sawyer. Is he already at The Hydra?

LOST – LA X [spoilers, duh]

It’s back! I was left feeling unsure after the first episode, but by the end of the second, I was well on board and that familiar feeling of my mind trying to comprehend the madness that I just witnessed had returned.


  • The hydrogen bomb created two timelines?
  • Was The Island at the bottom of the sea Oceanic 815 [the one that didn’t crash] flew over the fate of those from the 70’s timeline we were following? I thought it was initially, but the current 815 flight that landed at LAX seems to be occuring in the same timeframe as the on-island story
  • 3 Locke’s! Wheelchair Locke, Fake Locke and Dead Locke [is Jacob going to ressurect through him somehow? o_O]
  • The Man in Black is the Smoke Monster [aka Fake Locke]
  • Smokey is evil =[ This is still confusing me… I thought Smokey was the Island’s security system. Does this mean that when Ben went along with Fake Locke to Smokey’s lair, Fake Locke slipped away and returned as Smokey?
  • Smokey being evil leads to more questions about what role Mr. Eko could’ve played if he had stuck around on LOST
  • Glad to see they didn’t forget about the other Others that Ben sent with Richard to The Temple, including the old Tail Section crew along with the children, etc
  • Who’s the crazy Japanese dude seemingly in charge at The Temple?
  • Was that Temple the same one Richard went into last season with young Ben? I thought he just went into Smokey’s lair, but that just seemed to be an entrance to the real Temple?
  • What the hell was Desmond doing on 815?!
  • Fake Locke to Alpert: “ It’s good to see you out of those chains” <- A Black Rock reference
  • The Man in Black wants to leave The Island and go “home”, wherever the hell that might be
  • Jacob has taken over Sayid’s body?
  • Kate looked hawt

Other thoughts via DarkUFO:

  • What is the significance of the hand-carved ankh inside the guitar case?
  • Why did Flocke/MIB cut a piece out of Jacob’s tapestry?
  • Why does the ash on the island act as a barrier from the smoke monster? <- So, do we assume that whatever was being contained in the cabin [you know, the one surrounded by that funky ash] is some form of Smokey / Man in Black? It couldn’t have been Jacob’s cabin, could it, since he’s been seemingly living inside the giant foot the whole time?
  • Theory: Why the island is underwater
  • Recap: Things I Noticed – “LA X” by Vozzek69

Why did I even bother calling it “Thoughts”? I see a few statements and a gazillion questions >.< Damon and Carlton, I thought you were going into answer mode, but you’re not helping my poor mind >.<


The Official LOST Video Podcast 2: February 4th, 2010 (04:11)

What is a flash-sideways? Who is Locke? The Creators & Cast provide some answers.

The Official LOST Audio Podcast: February 4th, 2010 (23:33)

Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse discuss the season premiere of LOST.

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Random sidenote: My ankh keychain that I’ve had for years!